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More than 12,000 members of the Boy Scouts of America Founded have been sexually abused in the organization since 1944.

The Boy Scouts Of America Runs Out Of Pedophile Funds, Declares Bankruptcy -> Always be prepared to lowball victims.

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Tuesday, due to hundreds of sexual misconduct lawsuits, Boy Scouts of America filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.​

The Boy Scouts have faced so many lawsuits that their insurance companies have refused to pay out damages, arguing that the organization is liable for abuse that it could have taken steps to prevent

As the Boy Scouts tries to deal with a flood of sexual abuse claims in bankruptcy court, it wants to shield the local councils that own most scout camps. But plaintiffs’ lawyers say the councils must pay.

The Boy Scouts currently faces 275 lawsuits. Victims' attorneys have notified the group of another 1,400 claims likely to be filed, according to a court document.

The future of the Boy Scouts could be in doubt, according to arguments that kicked off the first day of hearings for the organizations' bankruptcy.

Boy Scouts officials insist that nothing will change for young Scouts and their families, assuring them that local councils are “legally separate, distinct and financially independent from the national organization.”

It could be one of the most complex bankruptcies ever seen, but one local Boy Scouts chapter says it won't have any effect on them.

Plaintiffs' attorneys take aim at Boy Scouts' 'dark history'


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BREAKING: Boy Scouts of America declares bankruptcy.

BREAKING: Boy Scouts of America will allow transgender children who identify as boys to enroll in scouting programs.

“Trump Foundation’s largest-ever gift, $264,631, was used to renovate a fountain outside Trump’s Plaza Hotel. Its smallest-ever gift, for $7, was paid to the Boy Scouts in 1989, at a time when it cost $7 to register a new Scout. Trump’s oldest son was 11”

Here’s our deal. We’ll take the Supreme Court and you can have the NFL and the Boy Scouts

How about we drop the whole “boy” and “girl” scouts thing and call them what they are: Kids with knives who know how to set fires.

In one week the Boy Scouts and the Suffolk County PD have both had to apologize for/and disassociate from the President's words.

Holy crap, the comments on the Boy Scouts of America Facebook page are ???.

Please don't put the Boy Scouts in this situation. Keep politics out of the Jamboree. What a mess. Totally unfair to these kids