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A Virginia teen saw a historic black cemetery in disrepair. He recruited his fellow Boy Scouts to restore it.

"While it’s easy to demonize the abusers, we must also recognize that by failing to report, the institution became complicit in their crimes," writes Mary DeMuth, discussing an investigation earlier this year commissioned by the Boy Scouts of America.

The week's good news! 🐶 A former shelter dog is about to become a Hollywood star 🐞 Toddler helps discover new bug species 🌳 Boy Scouts restore neglected historic black cemetery

'It’s time for the Boy Scouts of America to reform,' writes Mary DeMuth. "Earlier this year, the BSA commissioned an investigation into the abuse, where the organization uncovered thousands of abusers in its ranks."

Two more lawsuits alleging childhood sexual abuse decades ago have been filed in Nassau — this time against the Boy Scouts of America — under a new state law temporarily lifting the civil statute of limitations, the plaintiffs’ attorneys said.

Boy Scouts of America get hit with even more sex abuse lawsuits

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9 more lawsuits accuse Boy Scouts of America of incubating sexual abuse

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BREAKING: Boy Scouts of America will allow transgender children who identify as boys to enroll in scouting programs.

“Trump Foundation’s largest-ever gift, $264,631, was used to renovate a fountain outside Trump’s Plaza Hotel. Its smallest-ever gift, for $7, was paid to the Boy Scouts in 1989, at a time when it cost $7 to register a new Scout. Trump’s oldest son was 11”

Here’s our deal. We’ll take the Supreme Court and you can have the NFL and the Boy Scouts

When @realDonaldTrump  speaks to the Boy Scouts it's political but when the left shoves gay propaganda down their throats it's educational

How about we drop the whole “boy” and “girl” scouts thing and call them what they are: Kids with knives who know how to set fires.

In one week the Boy Scouts and the Suffolk County PD have both had to apologize for/and disassociate from the President's words.

Holy crap, the comments on the Boy Scouts of America Facebook page are 🔥🔥🔥.

Please don't put the Boy Scouts in this situation. Keep politics out of the Jamboree. What a mess. Totally unfair to these kids