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The Int'l Spectator
governments having a long term vision 1 singapore 2 saudi arabia 3 uae 4 oman 5 luxembourg 6 united states 7 r
Governments having a long-term vision.

1. Singapore
2. Saudi Arabia
3. UAE
4. Oman
5. Luxembourg
6. United States
7. Rwanda
8. Qatar
9. Malaysia
10. Botswana
11. Brunei
12. Switzerland
13. Kenya
14. Guinea
15. Tajikistan


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BBC News (UK)
dozens of elephants killed near botswana wildlife sanctuary
Dozens of elephants killed near Botswana wildlife sanctuary
Intl. Space Station
the sun s glint lights up the waters from around the globe as the station orbited across north america hawaii
The Sun's glint lights up the waters from around the globe as the station orbited across North America, Hawaii, Africa and Europe.

1. The North Atlantic Ocean
2. The Hawaiian Ridge
3. Northern Botswana
4. The English Channel and North Sea
BBC News (World)
nearly 90 elephants have been found dead near a famous wildlife sanctuary in botswana conservationists say
Nearly 90 elephants have been found dead near a famous wildlife sanctuary in Botswana, conservationists say
John Dramani Mahama
africans and haitians come from shithole countries isnt trump demonstrating that hes nothing but a racist and
Africans and Haitians come from ‘shithole’ countries? Isn’t Trump demonstrating that he’s nothing but a racist and pursuing a policy of ‘Make America White Again’? I congratulate Botswana for showing the way. Our AU Presidents must respond strongly to this insult.
@NPR 6 months
nearly 90 elephants found dead near botswana sanctuary killed by poachers
Nearly 90 Elephants Found Dead Near Botswana Sanctuary, Killed By Poachers
National Geographic
botswana is home to nearly half the continents remaining savanna elephantshere s how you can see them in an en
Botswana is home to nearly half the continent’s remaining savanna elephants—here's how you can see them in an entirely new light
Narendra Modi
the friendly people of botswana greatly respect bapu s thoughts here is shanti lo singing vaishnava jana to
The friendly people of Botswana greatly respect Bapu's thoughts. Here is Shanti Lo singing ‘Vaishnava Jana To.’ #Gandhi150
BBC Africa
biggest diamond in a century found in botswana at 1111 carats mining company says
'Biggest diamond in a century' found in Botswana at 1,111 carats, mining company says
ian bremmer
worst income inequality 1 s africa 2 namibia 3 botswana 4 zambia 5 central african republic 6 lesotho 7 swazil
Worst income inequality

1 S Africa
2 Namibia
3 Botswana
4 Zambia
5 Central African Republic
6 Lesotho
7 Swaziland
8 Brazil
9 Colombia
10 Panama

World Bank
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