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Also looking forward to our gigs in Boston got my red socks ready !
Last show of the U.S. Tour tonight in Boston. Looking forward to seeing you. Thank you everyone who came to see us this year. All the love
Thank you Boston. That was the perfect way to wrap up the U.S. Tour. Thank you to everyone who works to make the shows happen.
Two years ago, The Boston Globe published this parody front page — suggesting what the world would look like if Trump won the election.

Look at that date and look at ALL those headlines.
Boston, you were amazing. Thank you so much for having us. Hope to see you again soon. How do you like them apples?

Khris Middleton sends Game 1 in Boston to OT with the ridiculous buzzer beater!
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In the aftermath of left knee surgery, Boston Celtics All-Star guard Kyrie Irving will miss the rest of the regular season and playoffs, league sources told ESPN.
Just heard the news. So terribly sad. thoughts with everyone in Boston .x
Good golly! A few minutes ago a Boston judge acquitted 13 pipeline protesters on the grounds that the climate crisis made it necessary for them to commit civil disobedience. This may be a first in America. Details to follow, and go to @ClimateDisobey for some live video
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