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Experience the excitement of #Boston2020  at the 4th annual Boston Marathon Youth Jamboree on March 8! Youth from Pre-K through grade 8 are invited to an afternoon of running, jumping, and throwing activities and age-group races. Register online today:

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Josee Hotton had just completed the 2013 Boston Marathon when a bomb exploded — now, her trip to the Tokyo Marathon is canceled due to coronavirus

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Nick Kaleel was looking for a warmup race before the Boston Marathon. What drew him to Tampa's #PGDC20 ? “It’s fast. It’s flat. It’s the perfect course as the lead-up to Boston.” @GasparillaTBR  #GasparillaDistanceClassic 

@dwarfparatri  In fact, @dwarfparatri  has known #QuadenBayles  story for sometime now. The two share the same type of dwarfism, and met over Facebook. For the 2017 Boston Marathon, the runner wore the Australian Aboriginal flag on his waist belt sent by Quaden as support.

@dwarfparatri  John Young ( @dwarfparatri ) was told by doctors not to run. But he chose to endure, and made it to the Boston Marathon. Most marathoners take 35,000 steps to reach the finish line. John Young needs 80,000. Here's his story:

Tucker, one of the original Quincy police K9s, retires after a nearly 12-year career on the force. He helped sniff for bombs in the aftermath of the Boston Marathon bombings and was in high demand across the state for his varied skills.

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“Women are winning 100 mile races, 24 hour runs, mountain climbs, all kinds of things... We have fat, which is a natural fuel source, OK? Embrace your fat ladies, OK?,” says @KVSwitzer , the FIRST WOMAN too officially enter the Boston Marathon, at the 2020 #MAKERSConference 

"My coach said 'run like hell!'" This programme includes the amazing story of Kathrine Switzer, the first woman to run the Boston Marathon as an official entrant.


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Six years ago, David Ortiz's spirit and resolve helped us all begin to heal from the Boston Marathon bombing. Today, I want to join many others in wishing him a speedy recovery of his own. Get well soon, Papi.

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Micah Herndon, a former Marine who survived an IED explosion in Afghanistan in 2010, collapsed and crawled to the finish at the Boston Marathon. He says he now runs in honor of the three Marines who were lost in the ambush. (via )

What does it say about the modern-day Democrat Party that and seem more concerned about giving mass murderers like the Boston Marathon Bomber voting rights, than protecting the civil rights of law abiding American citizens who legally own guns?

This marine ran the Boston Marathon to honor his fellow soldiers who didn't make it back from Afghanistan. He crawled to the finish line. RESPECT ? (via )

BREAKING: Intelligence official: 2 more explosive devices found at Boston Marathon; being dismantled

Some people did some things Muslims bombed Boston Marathon Muslims flew planes into the Pentagon Muslims brought down Pan Am flight 103 killing 243 passengers and 16 crew Muslims killed 3000 people on 9-11 in 3 different instances Yes Ms Omar, some people sure did do some things

Army National Guard vet Earl Granville, who lost his leg in Afghanistan, carries a woman across the finish line of the Boston Marathon​.

Andrew McCabe, thank your for keeping Americans safe and your work bringing evil doers to justice in the Boston Marathon bombing, for your tireless efforts in counterterrorism after 9/11 and your work in the ’s national security division. America thanks you! ??

What an ignorant thing to say. Andrew McCabe served honorably in the FBI on the SWAT team, fighting organized crime, combating terrorism, investigating the Boston Marathon bombing and securing the arrest of the terrorist who conspired on the Benghazi attack. He is a hero.

Could you imagine if the prime minister of England criticized the mayor of Boston after the marathon bombing?