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The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall will jointly visit the Republic of Cyprus CY and JordanJO next month. Prior to this, The Prince will also visit Bosnia and Herzegovina BA Read more about Their Royal Highnesses’ forthcoming Spring Tour ➡️

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Piling up 'Frequent Liar' miles for a campaign visit to the Museum of Untruths. The fantasized adventures of Biden in South Africa, Clinton in Bosnia, and Trump's malicious Jersey City 9/11 story. Remember Reagan in WWII Europe? via @Newsday 

Under Bosnia's "two schools under one roof" system, Croat & Bosniak children are separated, sometimes by fences on playgrounds. One of these was removed after a pair of high school sweethearts took a wedding photo showing them separated by the fence that couldn't keep them apart.

"I've always believed in the incredible power of creativity and innovation across the region" @SelmaProdanovic  is an entrepreneur & supporter of women in business. She's from Bosnia and Herzegovina and she's making a difference #EuropeansMakingADifference 

Warren's immediate refusal to even consider military force to protect millions from humanitarian disaster in Idlib shows how far we've come from the movements to save Bosnia, Darfur, etc.

Prince Charles will visit Bosnia on March 17-18 and he and Camilla will tour Cyprus (18-21) and Jordan (21-25) at the request of the Foreign Office, Clarence House says.

Interesting set of countries for Charles & Camilla as they mark significant anniversaries on their Spring Tour. BABosnia & Herzegovina for 25 years since Srebrenica genicode CYCyrpus for the 60th anniversary of independence fro UK JOJordan to mark the huge influx of refugees

North America has mustangs, Bosnia and Herzegovina has the wild horses of Livno "A herd of horses released in the wild decades ago has been thriving in the south of Bosnia and Herzegovina."

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The countries of Ireland (which recommends avoiding infected areas) and Bosnia and Herzegovina join Israel in recommending that their citizens avoid trips to Italy (it)

Our visitors enjoyed our #VR  experience at today’s #EBRDwb  summit! 👐 If you also want to travel across Bosnia and Herzegovina BA watch our stunning 360 video here👉


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Up watching Argentina v Bosnia ! love the World Cup!

If President Trump knew the facts, he would never have sent that tweet. Here is my (late) camerawoman Margaret Moth, who took a bullet in the face covering the facts and truth in Bosnia. ? #FactsFirstB 

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1,000 tons of garbage is released into Bosnia's environment every day. Now, the Drina river is paying the price

Nigeria's @MBuhari  likened the Myanmar crisis to the Bosnia and Rwanda genocides in his speech at the #UNGA .

25 years ago Fikret Alic was photographed in a concentration camp in Bosnia. Today he’s in The Hague awaiting the verdict on his tormentor, Ratko Mladic

Annual spending on defence: USA £820bn Cuba £700m Man City £200m Bosnia £180m Congo £135m

Bosnia and Herzegovina fans were NOT thrilled that their team didn't qualify for the World Cup ? (via matkolm/Instagram)

? Money Spent on Defence: ? Man City = £281m ?? Latvia = £280m ?? Bosnia = £250m ?? Armenia = £225m ?? Paraguay = £145m ?? Ghana = £120m ? Placing them 94th in the world for Defence Budget. ?

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"Save Aleppo." Thousands of people in Denmark and Bosnia demonstrated in solidarity with the besieged people of Aleppo.

I ask all of you to pray for the victims of the floods in Bosnia and Herzegovina, in Serbia and in other countries in the region.