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Prime Minister Boris Johnson led his Conservative Party to a landslide victory in Britain’s election that was dominated by Brexit. Here are five takeaways from the election.

NEW: British exit polls show that the Boris Johnson-led Conservative Party appears to have won Thursday’s election with a significant majority, Mark Phillips reports. Johnson pledged to get Parliament to ratify his Brexit deal by the Jan. 31 deadline.

A focus group of people who voted for Brexit in the referendum and Labour at the last General Election are asked what headlines they would expect if Britain elects a Boris Johnson-led Conservative government.

Labour dragged to the far left, the Boris Johnson-led Conservative Party veering towards the far right - our politics is broken. We need a new alternative. That's the Lib Dems: demanding better for Britain and committed to stopping Brexit. Join today

Tony Blair warned that Labour faces a difficult opponent in a Boris Johnson led Conservative party, when speaking with - read the full report & watch the interview here:

At least 12 Tory MPs would reportedly refuse to serve under a Boris Johnson-led Conservative party. “The answer is no, I would not serve in a Boris Johnson cabinet," one said