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Yesterday, @SenBraunIN  and I viewed the Hezbollah terror attack tunnels from Lebanon into Israel. We were briefed by IDF soldiers who found and stopped Hezbollah’s efforts. We also go briefed on Israel’s border with Lebanon by IDF soldiers.

Chhattisgarh: A road near Kondasawli on Sukma-Dantewada border was cut at about 20 places & three IEDs (Improvised explosive device) were planted by naxals, with the aim to attack security forces. (18.08.2019)

#Yemen #Houthis  attacked , the largest attack ever since the beginning of the Saudi war on Yemen, with 10 armed dron #SaudiArabia  Aramco al-Shaybah oil field and station, with 1 million barrel of oil storage capacity, 10 km south of the border t #AbuDhabi  , a message to th #UAE 

Politicians from both sides of the border have condemned a bomb attack in Co Fermanagh

"This was a terrorist act designed to kill police officers" - There has been cross-border condemnation of a bomb attack in Co Fermanagh

Soldiers censured for failing to act during Gazaborder attack that injured 3

Border Patrol agent Matthew Bowen’s attack on a Guatemalan migrant with his truck was at least the sixth time he had been accused of using excessive force during his decade with the agency.

Both leaders condemned the border bomb attack in Fermanagh

Why has #Hamas  not claimed responsibility for a recent attack against the #Israeli  army at the #Gaza  border?

@BetoORourke  said what happened in El Paso, on the U.S.-Mexico border, "is an attack on America" and "an attack on our ideal of what America can be."


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5 years after a JW uncovered evidence of Islamic terrorists infiltrating the U.S. through Mexico, a captured ISIS fighter is providing details of a plot in which jihadists enter the country through the southern border to carry out an attack. #BorderCrisis 

Another very bad terror attack in France. We are going to strengthen our borders even more. Chuck and Nancy must give us the votes to get additional Border Security!

Is tweet attack on msnbc during my show tonight because I exposed the fundraising emails he sent out before and after his Oval Office speech last night tricking his supporters into donating for “border security” when fine print said it’s for his campaign?

BREAKING: We have just launched Operation Northern Shield to expose and neutralize cross-border attack tunnels dug by Hezbollah from #Lebanon  to #Israel . #NorthernShield 

Our American values are under attack. Babies have been ripped from their parents at the border. A tax bill passed that benefits corporations and the top 1%, while millions of middle-class families struggle to pay the bills. We’re better than this.

Lebanese actress Manal Issa holds a sign that reads "Stop the Attack on Gaza" at the premiere of "Solo: A Star Wars Story" at #Cannes2018 . Israeli soldiers shot and killed 59 Palestinians in mass protests on the Gaza border on Monday. (Photo by Vianney Le Caer/Invision/AP)

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PresTrump as commander in chief is right to defend country/borders & stop the attack on natl sovereignty from the 7000+ migrant caravan heading to USA. Not fair to legal immigrants going through proper LEGAL process We need to help Trump admin secure border+close immig loopholes

Trump is now lying about and attacking the Navy SEAL who led the attack on Osama bin Laden. Pro-Military? Not even close. He’s using American troops as political props on the border and keeping them from their families during the holidays.

BREAKING: More than 2 months after Trump cited border agent's death as argument for border wall, FBI says no evidence of "attack."