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What did people sooking about the Boomers-USA expect from watching BBall at a footy stadium? And if you bought tickets expecting to see Steph, the Brow or LeBron, the view is the least of your worries 🤦🏻‍♂️ #sooks 

Basketball fans furious costly seating at USA v Boomers match offered poor views

Fans whose views were impeded in expensive ground-level plastic seats at Thursday night's Aussie Boomers vs Team USA exhibition match at Marvel Stadium remain genuinely upset.

"It is worth noting the feedback to us has been strongly positive" Basketball Australia responds to strong Boomers vs USA backlash | |

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👟🏀 | Everybody saw what Donovan Mitchell wrote on the outside of his shoes to face the Boomers last night, but there was something you missed.

'Rip off': Hundreds of Australian fans seek refunds over Boomers-Team USA seating

The consumer watchdog is investigating after receiving a "flood of complaints" from basketball fans who paid big sums to see the Boomers take on Team USA in Melbourne last night, only to have a severely restricted view of the game. @FreyaMichie 

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With the typical inheritance now $500,000 and baby boomers to bequeath $3trn in the next decade, the death tax debate is making a comeback. #auspol  @JoannaMather 

BOOMERS | Hear from both coaches after last night's 102-86 loss to @usabasketball  at @marvelstadiumau ! @Melbourne  #GoBoomers 

#UPDATE : As Australia’s consumer watchdog deals with hundreds of complaints about the Boomers-Team USA game, the promoter had an unexpected reaction #BoomersUSA 

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Hundreds of baby boomers are taking classes at the University of Minnesota as part of its Senior Citizen Education Program — and all for just $10 per credit. “This is our opportunity to study those things we’ve spent a lifetime being curious about,” one student tells @kevtibs .

This is great work that shows how Fox News’ primetime lineup is hand-feeding white nationalist ideology to white boomers every night for the past few years

Fifteen years ago, a generation of baby boomers built their dream homes. Now they can't sell them.

Everyone please share this video with all your Boomer relatives and friends and coworkers. Hell, email it to them, they will fwd it to hundreds of fellow boomers. Tell them the Dems have become a dangerous mob and that it is important to vote Republican to ensure our safety.

Boomers'>Baby Boomers have reaped unending benefits from the past flourishing of the welfare stare, only to tell themselves they bootstrapped their own success and royally fuck my generation.

Only 23% of Millennials regularly vote but 60% of Boomers do. Millennials— We don’t let our grandparents choose our music. We don’t let our grandparents pick our style. We don’t let our grandparents choose where we live. Why are we letting our grandparents decide our future?

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"The boomers inherited a rich, dynamic country and have gradually bankrupted it."

Millennials are making 20% less than baby boomers did at their age. I want to react to this news properly—what’s the opposite of “YAAAS?"

Millennials earn 20 percent less than baby boomers did at the same stage of life, according to a new analysis.

Baby Boomers don’t neglect lifting weights as it improves bone density loss and burns #calories  throughout the day. #fitness , #exercise