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President Gotz's daily Commish Call. [BEEP] The greatest heal in sports entertainment history. [BEEP] And Boomer and The Big Hurt have new ads [BEEP] in this edition of @Stugotz790 's #GameNotes . #COVID19  - Lorenzo

I was catching Boomer in the pen and he didn’t have much!! That one hurt! @flash17yes  #YESWereHere  #YankeesClassics 

Tweeting about Talking Heads this morning inspired this evening's movie. If you ever hear some Boomer say that "The Last Waltz" is the best concert film ever, please find a copy of this and shove it up their wazoo. VHS, preferably, as it'll hurt more.

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Do people really ever think about Hawkins year at Fitzroy? Or Winmar's year at the Dogs? Won't hurt Boomer legacy to play elsewhere

I still need to be convinced that “I’m a baby boomer, like the voters I need” is gonna hurt her. Depends on R.

I apparently hurt some baby boomer fee fees. Perhaps they can run up 18 trillion in debt and force others to pay their retirement in protest

CBS: Boomer & Carton: A Couple Of Local Losers, A ‘Hurt’ Thumb, A Protective Mother And More #nyc  #ny