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Why did Labour lose Bolsover to the Tories? It was because of... Harold Wilson. Bet you didn’t see that one coming.

Calls for a statue for the defeated "Beast of Bolsover" - by the new MP for the area:

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How did Boris Johnson win the UK election? Have a listen to our @nytimes  podcast from Bolsover, one of the Labour strongholds he captured. Thanks to @mikiebarb  & his brilliant colleagues on The Daily. *

Down went nine seats that Labour had held since World War II. Down went a type of tribal politics in which people voted Labour across generations. And down went a lawmaker called the Beast of Bolsover, an ex-miner who kept his seat for 49 years.

I beat Dennis Skinner in Bolsover - and I have Jeremy Corbyn to thank, says Mark Fletcher

The infamous quips the Beast of Bolsover, Dennis Skinner, became known for

@Freedland  Would Brown and Blair have retained Darlington, Bolsover, Peterborough, Wakefield, Wrexham, Workington or even Sedgefield in 2019?

From Bolsover to Blyth Valley, Labour was vanquished in its backyard

The Labour politician Dennis Skinner — known as the Beast of Bolsover — lost the Derbyshire seat he had held for almost half a century on a night of historic results for the Conservatives


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Dennis Skinner 'The Beast of Bolsover' has LOST the seat he's represented since 1970. Recount some of his most memorable moments.

The result that epitomises Labour’s humiliation. Beast of Bolsover Denis Skinner loses by 5000.

In a Bolsover boxing ring @Nigel_ Farage launches into Labour, not the Conservatives, saying the party is dominated by North London “intellectuals”. Farage has so far barely mentioned the Tories. He thinks there are 5m Labour leave supporters who are there for the taking.

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Is this Britain’s toughest MP? Happy Birthday to the Beast of Bolsover (Dennis Skinner) who turns 87 today. 🎂

.: 'If the Labour Party does not exist to represent the workers of Bolsover, Hartlepool, Ashfield, Middlesbrough and Stoke, what are we here for?'

Labour lose Bolsover and TEN seats in Sunderland” are not headlines I ever expected to read. The message is clear. With no decent #Brexit  alternative in the field Labour people voted with their feet. The #Euros  where now holds a NINE point lead are up next...

"F-R-I-T, she's frit!" Leave it up to the Beast of Bolsover, Dennis Skinner himself, to quote Margaret Thatcher and tell that "she looks very weak" 👏👏 FYI: 'frit' means frightened.