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Symbolic animals endangered by #Bolivia  forest fires

Gold mining has surged in Bolivia over the past 15 years, so much that gold is now the country’s third-largest export, trailing only zinc and natural gas.

IN ENGLISH | OAS Says Lula Forced the Company to Undertake Bolivia Construction Project. Case was shared by Lava Jato prosecutors; former president denies illicit

#IAEAGC : Bolivia, Chad, Ecuador and Lesotho join treaties to strengthe #nuclear  safety and security. 📝

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Moodys Investors Service - SovereignsLatin America: LatAm economies are less exposed to slowing global trade, but weaker demand from China impacts commodity exporters: Mexico, Paraguay and Bolivia are among the most vulnerable to a slowdown in global…

Today on WPR: Sustainable development takes center stage at the U.N., the costs of Bolivia’s gold boom, and more.

Heart-healthy forager-farmers in lowland Bolivia are changing diets and gaining weight #Wellness  #research  #HealthNews 

Route 36 in La Paz, Bolivia, is renowned for being the world’s only cocaine bar. But what is it really like to spend an evening there? We found out.

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Heart-healthy forager-farmers in lowland Bolivia are changing diets and gaining weight @baylor 


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Happy trailer day! My concert film is coming to theaters in 60+ countries two months from today, on Nov 13!! I’m so psyched that people in Iceland, Bolivia, Greece, Pakistan and many more will get to be a part of this with me on the same day! Here’s the trailer just for you!

Look how they brought the matchball onto the pitch for the France vs Bolivia game ffs 😭😂😭

🧤 @Alissonbecker  has kept 9 clean sheets in his last 9 games: 🔴 @LFC  4-0 Barca 🔴 @LFC  2-0 Wolves 🔴 @LFC  2-0 SpursBrazil 7-0 Honduras Brazil 3-0 Bolivia Brazil 0-0 Venezuela Brazil 5-0 Peru Brazil 0-0 Paraguay Brazil 2-0 Argentina 👏 Amazing record.

Goals conceded by Alisson in his last seven games for club & country. 0 vs. Barcelona 0 vs. Wolves 0 vs. Spurs 0 vs. Honduras 0 vs. Bolivia 0 vs. Venezuela 0 vs. Peru The man with the Golden Gloves.

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Look at the long & growing list of nations who recognize the legitimacy of President Guaido in #Venezuela . Now compare that to the ones who still openly support Maduro: - Cuba - Turkey - Russia - Iran - China - Bolivia - Nicaragua

Omfg. Bolivia, who called today's Syria meeting at the UN, holds up Colin Powell's 2003 picture, saying to remember that ISIS was the result

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Watch 17-year-old @cpulisic_10 's first international goal to give the #USMNT  a 4-0 lead against Bolivia. #USAvBOL 

In the same year the Chicago Cubs last won the World Series, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid were killed in Bolivia.