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Former Air Force Chief BS Dhanoa: If you politicise defence acquisition system,whole system goes behind.Other files also start moving at slow pace.When could artillery get a new gun after Bofors? Bofors is good gun but was mired in controversy,same way Rafale was questioned(4.1)

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"The present government is not really interested in the facts and just wants to keep Bofors alive," said Aiyar.

IT Cell guys of the BJP and their alphanumeric bots are so out of ideas today that they trying to distract you with Bofors!! Chulu bahar pani mein doob mero. Shameless cretin.

There have been cases earlier of PMs allegedly accepting suitcases of cash, of various scams including Bofors, Jeep, 2G, Coalgate etc. In all of these it is the Congress which has been involved. It is natural they will oppose a system which is cleaning the electoral process.

#RE: #Rafale  may not prove to be 'BJP’sBofors' – and the reason would be the Congress | @NaghmaSahar 

See flight test footage from @Saab’s recent test of the guided Carl Gustaf® munition at the Bofors Test Center in Karlskoga, Sweden. Read more here:

#Breaking | India’s befitting reply to Pakistan. @adgpi  Chief Bipin Rawat confirms Pakistan’s casualties. Bofors station activated after 2002. TIMES NOW’s Sohil with details. Listen in. | #PakTerrorDestroyed 

Steig Larsson’s probe and mine showed Bofors link to Olof Palme’s murder, says Swedish author Jan Stocklassa

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Indigenous 155mm Dhanush Towed Gun System: 'DesiBofors' to improve Indian Army's firepower along Pakistan, China borders

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Congress has problems with: Air Force modernisation. Indian customs and traditions. For a Party used to worshiping Quattrocchi, 'Shastra Puja' is naturally a problem. And, Kharge Ji, thank you for reminding us about the Bofors Scam.

News from Chennai: CBI files this evening charge sheet against A.C. Muthaiah, cousin of PC and financier of Quattrocchi in Bofors through AE Services, for defrauding the Syndicate bank of Rs. 100 crores when PC was FM

My open challenge to Congress. Fight elections in the name of the former PM associated with Bofors in: Delhi and Punjab, where innocent Sikhs were butchered in his reign. Bhopal, where he helped Warren Anderson flee after the infamous Gas Tragedy. Challenge accepted?

Those who ruled the nation for decades were not serious about the welfare of our armed forces. There are several examples to illustrate this point. From Bofors to Helicopter Scam, why is it that the same people’s names come up?

Thank you Sharad ji for having the courage to speak about Bofors!

Was Mr. Gandhi playing in the lap of one 'Q' about whom the CEO of Bofors manufacturer had written in his diary that 'Q' must be protected at all cost. Subsequently, the bank account in the favour Mr. 'Q' was discovered. Congress only understand 'paisa' : Shri

After Bofors gaffe, National Herald publishes survey saying BJP will crush Congress in Madhya Pradesh Assembly elections !!!!!

How can Deve Gowda forget that TDK humiliated him by withdrawing support and toppled his Govt because he got Bofors papers brought

In 1992 Indian Foreign Minister went to Davos,not to promote brand India but to MANAGE the Bofors investigation.Asking his Swiss counterpart not to share info with CBI.Breaking News at 9pm on &