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How did this bobcat end up on top of a 45-foot cactus?! 🌵😸
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Rescuers found this bobcat stuck in the worst way — and then gave him the best care until he was ready to run back home. (via @BigCatRescue)
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Remember when this bobcat caught a shark? Bobcats so rarely follow regulations. #NationalFishingandBoatingWeek
To review: Acting AG fired. House GOP staffers worked with transition w/o bosses knowing. And a bobcat is still on the loose in Washington.
Ranger Lee went looking for spawning salmon and found this fishing bobcat in @OlympicNP! #WildlifeWednesday #FindYourPark
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This fawn and bobcat were found in an office together, cuddling under a desk after a forest fire.
A bobcat escaped from National Zoo in DC today, & now area schools are cancelling outdoor recess. Entire state of Texas is rolling its eyes.
What a catch! A bobcat pulled a shark from the ocean, and a photographer captured the scene:
Damn I gave the Hershey zoo bobcat a shout out on stage today when I meant to give it to the mountain lion #mybad
TERRIFYING MOMENTS: Video shows a bobcat attacking a man and his dog in Arizona.
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