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The French and the Italians maintained tariffs on the first Bluebirds produced at Sunderland, of course, claiming the UK plant was a Japanese Trojan horse. But then Mrs T threatened to take them to the ... errrr ... European Court of Justice, and they backed down. & rest history.
FULL-TIME Cardiff 2-0 Bournemouth

Birthday boy Bobby Reid scores twice as the Bluebirds secure a first #PL victory in five matches

the final answer to our Origins Lookbook anagram "A Bluebirds Loner Fruit" was "Birds, Burn Out, Real Life". a lot of you figured it out - but congrats to the 5 winners @tarasburdette, @theEllamo, @jaeger_andrew, @nycaby, & @ringosmomma. signed vinyl of Origins coming your way
FULL-TIME Cardiff 3-2 Man City. Two headers by Fraizer Campbell secure a famous #BPL win for the Bluebirds. #CARMCI
Money spent in the last two seasons...

Cardiff - £8.5m
Aston Villa - £80m

Cardiff 3-0 Villa 🙈

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Fancy some festive football under the lights on Tuesday? ⚽

RT and follow us for a chance to see take on the Bluebirds. We'll announce the winners shortly after 12pm tomorrow.
The last time @CardiffCityFC hosted Man City in the #PL...

One to remember for the Bluebirds #CARMCI
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Bluebirds are often used as a symbol of happiness.
Not this bluebird.
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