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Inspired by #BluePlanetLive , here are 5 ways to help save the oceans (From March 2019)

This amazing coral doesn't look that different from a field of lavender.🤗 #BluePlanetLive 

How you feel going into your chosen quiz round 🐢 #BluePlanetLive 

“Unquestionably, sharks are worth more alive than they are dead.” 🦈💙 #BluePlanetLive 

How can we track some of the planet's biggest animals? 🐋 #BluePlanetLive 

The vaquita is the world's rarest cetacean. Is there hope for the last of their kind? #BluePlanetLive 

#BluePlanetLive viewers horrified as seagull snaps up baby turtle mid broadcast

#BluePlanetLive viewers were in for a shock last night.


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“Unquestionably, sharks are worth more alive than they are dead.” 🦈💙 @SteveBackshall  #BluePlanetLive 

Meet the woman who hugs sharks 🦈 Would you get this close to these great predators? #BluePlanetLive 

RT rainbow turtle for seven years good luck! 🌈 #EarthCapture  by @BocaRatonPhoto  #BluePlanetLive 

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This is how plastic ends up in our oceans. #BluePlanetLive 

Have you ever heard of the Mediterranean monk seal? There are only 700 left in the wild. #BluePlanetLive 

Meet the company turning ocean plastic into kayaks ♻️🛶 #BluePlanetLive 

Sharks are worth so much more alive than dead 🦈 #BluePlanetLive