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“so bloom wild flower”
i rock, i roll, i bloom,
The lawyer who attacked me with phony charges, Lisa Bloom, now exposed for arranging payments to women. Please read this devastating article on @thehill -
"just because the rose died on the vine, doesn't mean it lied to you when it was in bloom."
i missed u like the winter misses flowers, but we can't bloom all the time
This is #theresistance. These are their cheap tactics and lies. After taking her modest 33% commission, Lisa Bloom tried to put cash in Trump accusers' pockets via @PageSix
Sean Hannity doing a good job on the Lisa Bloom paying women for allegations story which is ultra important. Please watch @seanhannity tonight.
Attorney Lisa Bloom sought to line up paydays for women accusing Trump of sexual misconduct: report
"Take a deep breath." - Sir David Attenborough
#BluePlanet2 💙 (ocean) bloom
w/ @HansZimmer & @Radiohead
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Disgusting, even by Lisa Bloom’s already very low standards. What a sham.

Exclusive: Prominent lawyer sought donor cash for two Trump accusers
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