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So this is kind of the buried lede of all buried ledes. Apparently when they were arrested, Parnas and Fruman were headed to Vienna (with Rudy to meet them) to help with logistics for a blockbuster interview of Viktor Shokin on Hannity!

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Variety's @OwenGleiberman  is "no #Marvel  basher," calling #GuardiansOfTheGalaxy  "close to a work of art," but agrees with Scorsese and Coppola: "The trouble with our blockbuster movie culture, and not just Marvel movies, is that there’s no mystery to it"

Change is hard. Even mighty firms perish because they don't respond effectively to a shift in their environment — like the rise of the web. (Blockbuster'>Remember Blockbuster?) Why companies fail to adapt is a vital question in today’s fast-moving world.

Proud to celebrate @EditorPublisher  EPPY win for Best Collaborative Investigations with @USATODAY  @azcentral  for our blockbuster 'Copy,Paste,Legislate' series exposing hidden hand of lobbyists + special interest groups making laws across USA.

'Unprecedented' switching success gives Alexion hope in backstopping sales of blockbusterSoliris

Like a scene out of the block-buster movie 'Armageddon,' Lawrence Livermore National Lab researchers have been developing a plan to deflect a killer asteroid if one should ever be on a collision course with earth.

The Avengers are increasingly becoming villains to prestige directors who are trashing Marvel’s blockbuster franchise for sullying the good name of cinema.

The Avengers are increasingly becoming villains to prestige directors, who are trashing Marvel’s blockbuster franchise for sullying the good name of cinema.


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ProPublica dropped a *blockbuster* with ample evidence that the Trump Org may be cooking its books to seduce lenders and hoodwink tax authorities. My column outlining what is a long family tradition- started by Fred - of artful and problematic accounting:

Dear , firstly wishing you a very happy birthday and secondly huge congratulations in advance...saw the and l #ZeroTrailerved  it! Superbly packaged, has blockbuster written all over it! Really looking forward to the film.

Choripan. Sensational. You can hear your arteries closing like branches of Blockbuster.

Pfizer had clues its blockbuster drug could prevent Alzheimer’s. Why didn’t it tell the world?

In 2000, Blockbuster had a chance to buy Netflix for $50 million. Today, Blockbuster is down to one store. Netflix is worth $172 BILLION.

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In light of blockbuster revelations about Trump and Russia, it's time to intensify scrutiny of McConnell's role: * Refused united front against Russian interference * Scuttled efforts to protect Mueller * Won't hold votes to reopen govt My new piece:

A blockbuster story from . New depositions show how Alex Jones promoted Newtown conspiracy theories, including one that baselessly claimed Avielle Richman, a first-grader killed at Sandy Hook, was still alive. Her father killed himself this week.

BTS had a blockbuster year on the charts

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"How can CNN possibly justify refusing to address these questions, & refrain from informing the public about these critical matters on a story that they hyped for days as a ‘blockbuster,’ one of the most significant stories yet in the Trump/Russia saga?"

I eagerly await the administration’s regulations protecting pagers, fax machines, and Blockbuster.