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Many people pointing finger of blame towards Westminster after today's tragic news

Good Q about drug deaths in Scotland: she’s really struggling on this, trying to blame the past & Westminster – pitiful

RT @DavidLamm @patel4withamy: Pathetic for @patel4witham  to blame increases in poverty on local government. Local authorities depend on Westminster for…

Jean-Claude Juncker: I don't exclude a deal, but I am not accepting this blame game from London. There is not just a parliament in Westminster, there is a parliament here (ie EP), nothing will be agreed without its consent

@dasvee  @RosChappellI  will blame an awful lot of people if Johnson wins this election and that will include Corbyn. If the Tories do win Westminster who would you blame for splitting the vote: the side that got over 24,000 in the last 2 elections or the side that got less than 7,000?

"If we are to leave without a deal, botched statecraft by governments in the UK and the EU will be partly to blame, but it will be an even greater failure of our elected representatives in Westminster." - Open Europe's Stephen Booth in @timesredbox 

The Scottish Government has to take its share of the blame, but the current Westminster drug laws aren't working.

Westminster, not Brussels, is to blame for UK over-regulation | @asentance 

#BreakfastWithBelle  | "It's Westminster, and specifically, Theresa May. " MEP argues that the British government is to blame for the failure of Britain to leave the EU on time.


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“Blame us. Blame Westminster. Do not blame Brussels for our own country's mistakes and do not be angry at us for telling you the truth. Be angry at the chancers who sold you a lie.” says that voters were misled during the 2016 EU referendum. #78DaysToBrexit 

Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell says he can't blame people for being disillusioned with Westminster politics. Polls have closed in local elections, get live updates here:

The far right is on the rise, and the Westminster elite and the media are to blame. Here's why.

"You were sold a lie!" hits out at Brexiteers as well as and and urges Brits to "blame us, blame Westminster but not Brussels" during an impassioned speech. #BrexitDebate 

Opinion: Don't blame WhatsApp for the Westminster attack writes @AlastairSloan 

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Westminster cut Hebridean tugs but don't blame Westminster says unionist!!! #unreal  ... sadly not a parody comment

@AlexSalmond : "98% of controlled by Westminster. If they're doing something wrong with it blame George Osborne." #C4Debate 

As Murphy blames MSPs for Labour's woes, poll reveals Westminster leaders to blame