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Trump tries new tact, shifting blame to WHO. “They called it wrong....They could have called it months earlier,” he said. Watch for this to become a big mantra in Trump-friendly media. WHO identified outbreak in early Jan. Trump was briefed soon after.

"You see the media, much of the mainstream media, trying to root for disaster." @tedcruz  is not the first Republican to suggest major media outlets are trying to place blame for the outbreak at @realDonaldTrump 's feet.

Trump is doing what Trump does, shifting blame in his presser. Now it's the WHO's turn on the hot seat. Has he ever accepted responsibility for anything? Spoiler alert: No. Roy Cohn taught him well.

@realDonald Trump Trump, and his tired, old, worn out scratched record titled: "The Blame Game " Is sooooo 2017. We're ALL sooooo sick of hearing you whine ALL THE TIME! STOP CRYIN' WHILE PEOPLE ARE DYIN'. Do your actual J. O. B. OR GET T.F. OUT! #8645ASAP2SAVEUSANOW 

I don't see how all these people blame 5G for coronavirus, when it was clearly the release of Frozen II.

"That's the playbook. They're going to blame everything... on the president," @RRMGOP  tells . "I @HowieCarrShowope  it backfires on the Democrats. I hope the American people do not reward that type of behavior."

"I will protect you if your governor fails." The responsibility ducking and blame shifting is as unreal as ever. Truman rolling over in his grave.

BREAKING: The NTSB says the Tippecanoe Valley School Corp. is partially to blame for a 2018 crash that killed three siblings who were crossing a rural highway to reach their stopped school bus.

As finding rolls of toilet paper becomes more like trying to find a diamond in the rough, it's easy to blame the tissue shortage on hoarding or stocking up but wholesal…​


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If you’re stupid and racist enough to blame random Asian-American people for the coronavirus pandemic then you need to self-quarantine yourself out of society anyway.

That the US media is trying to run with the Chinese propaganda that “China bought us time” is a new low even for them. China 1) Minimized the threat 2) Delayed announcements 3) Wouldn’t allow CDC/WHO doctors in! 4) Have even tried to blame the US for the disease! F-you!

“Anti-Trump Network@CNN  doing whatever it can to stoke a national Coronavirus panic. The far left Network pretty much ignoring anyone who they interview who doesn’t blamePresident Trump.” @trish_regan  @FoxNews  Media refuses to discuss the great job our professionals are doing!

The Fake News is doing everything in their power to blameRepublicans, Conservatives and me for the division and hatred that has been going on for so long in our Country. Actually, it is their Fake & Dishonest reporting which is causing problems far greater than they understand!

More than anything else, the Radical Left, Do Nothing Democrats, like AOC, Omar, Cryin’ Chuck, Nervous Nancy & Shifty Schiff, are angry & “deranged” over the fact that Republicans are up to 191 Federal Judges & Two Great New Supreme Court Justices. Don’t blame me, blame Obama!

I think they should blame RUSSIA, RUSSIA, RUSSIA again! If they can’t count votes properly, how are they going to run U.S. HealthCare?

Nancy Pelosi will go down as the least productive Speaker of the House in history. She is dominated by AOC Plus 3 and the Radical Left. Mexico and Canada, after waiting for 6 months to be approved, are ready to flee - and who can blame them? Too bad!

Super tired today I blame me Niall Horan for dragging me out you rascal

@Real_Liam_Payne : Super tired today I blame me Niall Horan for dragging me out you rascal” meet your brother! Great night huh?

This will be called the #TrumpShutdown . There is no one who deserves the blame for the position we find ourselves in more than President Trump.