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@philoshua  I agree. The structure and funding model of the Democratic Party makes it virtually immune to reform. Chomsky said in that interview with Mehdi that they'd prefer to lose with Biden than win with Sanders (obviously, Blairites had that preference), and I agree.

@SpanglyMeltsBoo  @davidfoster  @guardianG  @BBCNewsthe  media endlessly echoed charges pro-Corbyn lefties were ignoring AS complaints or failing to properly sanction antisemites. Turns out, anti-Corbyn Blairites were doing exactly that, so as to get rid of Corbyn.

Starmer’s New “Balanced” Shadow Cabinet Will Include ‘Blairites

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The Blairites now have their bloodied fingers around the throat of the #LabourParty  and will begin next month to strangle any remaining aspects of socialism therein. War, austerity, part-privatisation and euro-mania will be back as bad as BC - before Corbyn. What happens next?

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/2. Identity Politics made RLB the (only) left candidate for the #LabourLeadershipElection  The result is to hand the entire project over to the Blairites who will put it out of its misery. Lavery or Burgon might well have won. But it HAD to be a woman... @WorkersPartyGB 

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@tintoy9  Poin@jonstern100t  is her campaign led by Lansman has been a miserable failure. The party has been handed back lock stock and barrel to the Blairites. An epic fail.

Corbynistas blame Blairites for PFI, Becky actually worked on the deals.

With a nice line about the favourite: “Sir Keir Starmer, whom the left fear as a Blairite and the Blairites fear as a leftie”

Last night, I went to the start of @mattforde 's new tour: "Brexit: Pursued By A Bear". Here are my thoughts ? (tldr: It was a hoot and, as the Blairites might say, things can only get funnier)

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“In the 48 hour window that was given for registered supporters to sign-up [to Labour…] only 14,700 signed up.” Political Editor Nicholas Watt says that means “there may not be a whole bunch of Blairites who’ve left in recent years signing up again” #Newsnight  | @nicholaswatt 


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This testimony blows apart the usual defences, one by one. - “It’s disaffected Blairites”: this whistleblower voted for Corbyn - “It’s just opposition to Israel”. He describes classic racism directed at Jews - “It’s a tiny handful”. He says there were 100s of cases a week

Labour as we knew it is dead. A coalition of Blair Labour and Corbyn Labour, of Leave voters and Remain members, right wing wreckers and liberals masquerading as left. Unless Corbyn sharply turns to #Brexit  and his heartlands and confronts and routs the Blairites it’s over.

#Corbyn coup is a forced move for Blairites. #Chilcot  on July 6. MPs who pushed Iraq war face ruin and risk charges if leader talks it up.

Tony Blair, the Blairites, New Labour killed a MILLION people you fucking hypocrites. You’re going on about a poster whilst planning to vote for a list of Blairites who are accessories after the fact to War Crimes and Crimes against Humanity #Brexit 

It is now held by the Blairites and their media auxiliaries to be “anti-Semitic” to deny that is “anti-Semitic”. Just think about that... #Labour  #Corbyn 

The Blair War on #Iraq  is entirely discredited the Blairites who expelled me equally so. The 5th column is departing. It’s time to lift my expulsion

22 million people are at risk of starvation and epidemic in #Yemen . Today a fish-market and a hospital were laid waste with scores killed and many more maimed by the “Saudi-led Coalition”. We are members of that coalition. And 100 + Blairites in Parliament backed it. #Corbyn 

Can all these Blairites “thinking about”, “on the point of” leaving over but w #Brexito #Corbyn #UncleTomCobleyAndAllenergetically  supported the slaughter of the Iraq War without a scintilla of “shame” just fuck-off already?

Blairites try to depose Corbyn as "Tony Blair set to be savaged in ‘absolutely brutal’ Iraq war inquiry verdict"

Does anybody doubt the Blairites are preparing a split? But why do they still want the name Labour?