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President Trump tweets he is considering a full pardon for Michael Flynn, who pleaded guilty. He has been fighting legal battles while awaiting sentencing. Trump often floats such moves on Twitter, as with Blago

“Rod had no idea I was “Aunt Judy,” chirped Erwin, who had been Blago’s seatmate in the state Legislature in 1992 and whose nephew, Matt Erwin, had ordered the surprise video for his adoring aunt. Read more from Sun-Times columnist Michael Sneed

IL Gov Pritzker under investigation by FBI for property tax evasion. IL news media reports you can get a birthday greeting from Blago on @bookcameo 

Good morning, Chicago. Here are some top stories to start your day: -Chicago police's strategy against 'L' crime -CPS drops Columbus Day -How to get a personalized message from Blago

Surprise, surprise...🙄 Blago claims that the corruption that landed him in prison occurred expressly at the behest of and by explicit instructions from Obama.

Blago's path to freedom went through Fox News, Rudy Giuliani and Jesse Jackson. @JessBravin  with the rich backstory:

@FourthWatch  @AlecBaldwinA  @mikiebarbl  @KeithOlbermanns  @matthewjdowdo  in : I @FourthWatch  wonder what the 2012 mig @andersoncooperht  say when we were colleagues of the 2020 Blago interview he conducted, saying “bullshit” on air, condescension dripping from his objectivity-free questioning. I think he’d be disappointed.

1600: Bernie on top, and it's mourning after for mainstream Dems. Topics: Party gnashers; Biden's other-billionaire burden; Mrs. Blago played Trump; Nothing to see?; Revisiting Mike's old buddy act; Poll gives Liz last debate. via @Newsday  @Bill_Goldschlag 


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So Blago was selling a Senate seat? Who were the potential buyers? Why weren’t they arrested? Seems like the FBI nailed one guy in a supposedly extensive corruption scheme while everyone else got off scot free. Could this be a way of protecting the cesspool?

From @politico  'I CoveredBlago’s Trial From Start To Finish. Trump’s Commutation Isn’t Crazy; There was one sentiment I heard over and over again, which went something like, 'I know Blagojevich was guilty as hell but 14 years is insane.'

Blagojevich "did not sell the Senate seat," POTUS says But he TRIED to, see below: "conspiring to trade the senate seat... conspiring to sell the Senate seat..." Blago himself talked about others needing to "offer anything of any value" for the seat.

Nothing screams corruption fighter then commuting the sentences of Mike Milken, Blago, and Kerik. WHAT A DAY!

"Of course he pardoned Blago. Aside from loving epic crooks, Trump is sending a message to aides: Keep your mouth shut, and I’ll protect you," writes @TheRickWilson 

2/ After then-Sen. Obama was elected to the White House, Blago tried to sell the seat. On one recording he said: “I’ve got this thing and it’s f@#$ing golden. And I’m just not giving it up for f@#$ing nothing.”

Per administration officials, BLAGO - another person with an Apprentice connection - has been pushed for a pardon by Trump's son-in-law, Kushner. Aides got Trump to agree to a commutation instead.

Major warnings from Republicans in Illinois delegation, bluntly telling Trump not to free Blago, saying it would reopen old wounds and send the wrong message about corruption in politics. “Stupid,” one R says. w/

Blagojevich’s wife goes on one of Trump’s favorite shows to describe how hard his imprisonment has been on their kids. Judge Jeanine says Blago was popular and just doing “politics” when he tried to sell a Senate seat for personal gain. Audience of ONE