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NC man accused of kidnapping woman shot dead by police in Bladen County standoff

Jam the K-9 finds gun believed to be used in Bladen County plant shooting

Just In: Bladen County authorities responding to possible hostage situation #wral 

HAPPENING NOW: The Bladen County Sheriff’s Office is expected to give an update to this morning’s shooting at the Smithfield’s plant in Tar Heel that left two workers injured.

2 coworkers shot by suspect at Bladen County hog processing plant during 'active shooter' incident

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JUST IN: Two people were hurt in an active shooter situation that unfolded early this morning at the Smithfield plant in Bladen County, NC.

Bladen County Sheriff's Deputies charged Jaquante Hakeem Williams with two counts of attempted first-degree murder.


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NEW-> A review of absentee ballots in a second county in re #NC9eal  irregularities. Dozens of absentee ballots were witnessed by 4 people in Robeson County- adjacent to Bladen County. These 4 people all connected to McRae Dowless- the man at the center of the investigation.

UPDATE: Lisa Britt, who was the witness for 44 mail-in abstentee ballots in Bladen County North Carolina, is the step-daughter of Leslie McCrae Dowless, the man at the center of the controversy who has previously been convicted of felony fraud

One thing I noticed—which is far from dispositive but is at least interesting—is that the county where the alleged fraud occurred, Bladen Co., is the only one in the district where Republicans gained ground relative to 2016.

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1. The latest on the election fraud scandal in North Carolina: - The Vice Chair of the Bladen CountyElection Board resigned. He started a political consulting firm with Leslie McCrae Dowless, the convicted felon at the center of the controversy!

2. The Bladen County Election Board is interfacing w/state investigators probing allegations of fraud in North Carolina's 9th District At the center is convicted felon Leslie McCrae Dowless Also under investigation: A PAC called Patriots for Progress

Important development in the North Carolina election fraud scandal. uncovered evidence that at least one member of McCrae Dowless' Bladen County vote harvesting operation was also active in neighboring Robeson County

6. So now the Chair of the Bladen County Election Board will have to press on without a deputy. Who is the Chair of the Bladen County Election Board? Bobby Ludlum, MCCRAE DOWLESS' COUSIN. For the latest on North Carolina, subscribe to my newsletter at

BREAKING: Vice Chair of the Bladen CountyElection Board abruptly resigns Why? No one knows for sure but I think I have a pretty good idea and it's a wild story.

2. So Jeff Smith owns a "video sweepstakes" business in Bladen County, which is apparently a place you an go and win money for playing video games. The head of the Bladen County GOP, Landon Bordeaux, goes to Smith and says that he's about to get raided by the current sheriff.

Bombshell report from WBTE suggests a SECOND person ran an absentee ballot operation in Bladen County, North Carolina. "The notes left behind by Smith specifically refer to receiving payment in exchange for collecting unsealed absentee ballots"

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