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Our story begins 100 years ago, October 1919, the final game of the World Series. The Cincinnati Reds beat the Chicago White Sox to win the series. Then … SCANDAL! Eight White Sox players were accused of conspiring with gamblers to throw the series: the “Black Sox Scandal.”

@librarycongress  @airandspaceSo , what became of the Black Sox Scandal, the sequel? Not much. It was difficult to prove allegations. However, Landis instituted new rules, including a lifetime ban for "betting any sum whatsoever upon any ball game in connection with which the bettor has any duty to perform. "

@librarycongress  @airandspaceLet ’s just pause to remind everyone it’s been 6 years. Everyone’s older. Here’s George “Buck” Weaver in 1920, when the original Black Sox scandal broke. 📷: @librarycongresshttps ://

This is the room in the Hotel Buckminster, in Kenmore Square, where the 1919 Black Sox Scandal was hatched: Here's more on the gambler who set it up:

A century after the Black Sox scandal, there is still plenty of concern about cheating in baseball: It has just gone high tech. These days, MLB is more worried about video surveillance than players fixing games. By @APBenNuckols 

“Shoeless” Joe Jackson became the man most closely associated with the Black Sox scandal. Meanwhile, the Boston gambler who put the fix in motion remains largely in the shadows:

A century after the "Black Sox" scandal, baseball cheating has gone high-tech

'Black Sox Scandal': #Phoenix  man brings 100-year baseball scandal to life with new podcast: #abc15 

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Inside the 'Black Sox scandal' 100 years after it scarred the MLB

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“Shoeless” Joe Jackson became the man most closely associated with the 1919 Black Sox Scandal. But the Boston gambler who put the fix in motion — Joseph “Sport” Sullivan — remains largely in the shadows. @OnlyAGameNPR )

Since 1963, the book "Eight Men Out" has presented a certain narrative of the Black Sox scandal. It is largely wrong. This is a story about the people -- the researchers at SABR, all of them amateurs -- who have spent a decade correcting the record.

On this date in 1920, eight White Sox baseball players are indicted for throwing the 1919 World Series, in what would be known as the “Black Sox Scandal.” More first drafts of history in our online newspaper collections: #otd  #ChronAm 

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PHILADELPHIA — To commemorate the 100-year anniversary of the Black Sox scandal, when eight players allegedly conspired with gamblers to lose the World Series, Gabe Kapler threw a game to the White Sox. (Or something like that.)

Let's be the first to welcome you to the 100th anniversary of the 1919 Black Sox with a story on an artist (SF native Thom Ross) who paints a fresh perspective of the scandal and myths of the eight men out, two of whom were raised in the Bay Area:

This very drunk person will be attempting to teach you about the Black Sox scandal on TONIGHT at 10pm on Comedy Central

Tuesday's White Sox-Reds game was the first extra-inning game between the two teams since the 1919 World Series....also known for the "Black Sox Scandal".

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Black Sox Scandal emerged from 1919 World Series, which ended 95 years ago today:

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