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TBWA\WorldHealth's social media stories reveal disturbing healthcare discrimination against black Americans

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"No one has played a greater role in helping all Americans know the black past than Carter G. Woodson" — @SmithsonianSec  @NMAAHC 's founding director shares the history of #BlackHistoryMonth  and its legacy:

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Great story from @rehemaellis  and @JanelleRichards  on how the tech industry is helping fuel what experts call the great migration in reverse: black Americans moving to the South in increasing numbers. #NightlyFilms 

I’m a proud cosponsor of @SenBookerOffice’s resolution that passed yesterday recognizing #BlackHistoryMonthry '>Febru #BlackHistoryMonthry  as . Let’s honor and remember the generations of black Americans who have dedicated themselves to the ideal that is equality.

Some of Sanders’ strength with Latinos is they are much younger on average than black or white Americans, but I’ve seen some regressions indicating that he has elevated Latino support even controlling for age.

Why we need more African-Americans in medicine: A doctor's reflections on how Black History Month relates to the industry.

Black History Month and confronting my slave plantation roots, by Rachel Barnes. As we look across a divided America, white Americans would do well to take a look at our past and the things we hide in our dusty attics.

Crime, broken neighborhoods and failing schools in the northern U.S. have sparked what experts call the great migration in reverse: black Americans moving to the South in increasing numbers. @rehemaellis  reports from Atlanta in our new Nightly Film:

CNN's Angela Rye is outraged that black Americans support President Trump--the president who ushered in the greatest black employment outlook in U.S. history.


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Donald Trump has no problem pardoning white collar criminals. Meanwhile, hundreds of thousands of Black and Brown Americans are sitting in jail because of marijuana convictions or because they can't afford bail. That injustice is what we're going to end.

African Americans have a champion in Pres. Trump! He's created 1.6 MILLION jobs for black Americans since his election. African American unemployment has been at or below 7% for 23 months. Prior to Pres. Trump, black unemployment never dipped below 7%. #BlackHistoryMonth2020 

Black Americans over 45 that actually know your American History. Ask yourself, why is the Democratic Party hellbent on getting illegal immigrants into your country? Why do they care more about illegal immigrants and not what’s happening to innocent Black Lives in Chicago?

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Unemployment for Black Americans is the lowest ever recorded. Trump approval ratings with Black Americans has doubled. Thank you, and it will get even (much) better!

So if African-American unemployment is now at the lowest number in history, median income the highest, and you then add all of the other things I have done, how do Democrats, who have done NOTHING for African-Americans but TALK, win the Black Vote? And it will only get better!

If young black or Muslim men were walking into schools and malls and movie theaters and randomly slaughtering Americans — including children! — with anything near this frequency Congress would have acted LONG ago. #elpasoshooting 

Watch: Kanye West Says Trump Wants to Be the ‘Greatest President’ for Black Americans via @BreitbartNews 

It is my great honor to be with so many brilliant, courageous, patriotic, and PROUD AMERICANS. Seeing all of you here today fills me with extraordinary confidence in America’s future. Each of you is taking part in the Young Black Leadership Summit because you are true leaders...

Black unemployment under 6% for the first time in history! Democrats, tell me again why anyone should vote for you and your economic policies ever again? Hate and BS isn’t a platform & will only get you so far. These numbers matter and benefit all Americans. #maga  ??????

LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling's comments about African Americans are a black eye for the NBA.