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As chair of #PSI , I released a bipartisan report earlier this week highlighting the lack of federal response to China’s talent recruitment programs. We must do more to stop theft of US taxpayer-funded research & intellectual property.

Sen. Ernst lashes out at Democrats and blocks a House-passed bill after bipartisan talks break down.

Thrilled Senate ENR Committee passed our bipartisan bill to develop the Energy Ready Vets Program to connect our veterans with jobs in the clean energy industry. Colorado has been doing this work for years - I'm glad to see the Senate follow CO's lead.

This afternoon I spoke on the @SenateFloor urging my Senate colleagues to pass my bipartisan legislation to rename @NASA’s Plum Brook Station test facility after #Ohio  native & American hero, Neil Armstrong.

Today, Senators@LindseyGrahamSC , @ChrisMurphyCT , @marcorubio , and I introduced *bipartisan* legislation to support a diplomatic solution to the conflict in Libya, which continues to fuel instability and present opportunities for extremist groups in the region.

Bipartisan bill requires Congressional oversight of Afghanistan peace process

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Big news: Our bipartisan bill with @RodneyDavis , the Employer Participation in Repayment Act, hit over 200 co-sponsors this week. It would encourage employers to offer student loan repayment assistance as an employee benefit.

This week, the @EnergyGOP  Committee passed bipartisan legislation I co-sponsored that would address the nearly $12 billion backlog in long-delayed maintenance projects at the @NatlParkService , including $215 million for projects in the @GreatSmokyNPS .

🔍 New investigation 🔍 E&C Leaders announce bipartisan investigation into the live event ticketing industry Read more about the investigation into “…potentially unfair and deceptive practices…” ⤵️


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Democrats claim impeachment won’t keep them from legislating. But Speaker Pelosi has refused to allow a vote on USMCA for months. It appears there's no governing priority – no matter how bipartisan, no matter how beneficial to Americans – that won't take a backseat to impeachment

Remember Speaker Pelosi's own standard for moving forward with impeachment: 1 - It must be overwhelming. 2 - It must be compelling. 3 - It must be bipartisan. Today shows that the Democrats have failed all three tests. This impeachment sham must stop here.

Can’t believe that Nervous Nancy Pelosi isn’t moving faster on USMCA. Her people want it, they don’t know why she isn’t putting it up for a bipartisan vote. Taking too long!

For the second consecutive week, the U.S. Senate—under Senator Mitch McConnell’s control—didn’t vote on a SINGLE piece of legislation. Senator McConnell: Stop playing games. Put the House-passedbipartisan, universal background checks bill up for a vote immediately.

It was my great honor to deliver the keynote address at the 2019 Second Step Presidential Justice Forum hosted by the 20/20 Bipartisan Justice Center in South Carolina, and my true honor to receive the Bipartisan Justice Award, thank you!

Troubled by the ongoing violence in Hong Kong. The overwhelming majority of HK citizens aspire for greater political freedom—it’s time for Leader McConnell to allow a vote on the bipartisanHong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act of 2019.

BREAKING ⇒ 100% of Republicans just voted AGAINST this sham impeachment. Two Democrats joined us. Speaker Pelosi and Chairman Schiff have both insisted that impeachment should be bipartisan. The only bipartisan vote today was AGAINST impeachment.

News of the weird: On Senate floor Sen. Blackburn objected to passage of my election security bills saying they have to go through Rules committee. Here’s the weird (sad) part: A committee mark-up was scheduled on the bipartisan bill & the White House made calls to stop it.

Last year was the first in 51 years where prescription drug prices actually went down, but things have been, and are being, put in place that will drive them down substantially. If Dems would work with us in a bipartisan fashion, we would get big results very fast!

Bipartisan Humanitarian Aid Bill for the Southern Border just passed. A great job done by all! Now we must work to get rid of the Loopholes and fix Asylum. Thank you also to Mexico for the work being done on helping with Illegal Immigration - a very big difference!