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Anand Giridharadas
elite do gooders like bill mcglashan sometimes do real good they help communities and even save lives but so m
Elite do-gooders like Bill McGlashan sometimes do real good. They help communities and even save lives.

But so much of what they do follows one overpowering rule: They are willing to help in ways that allow them to stay on top and lock others out.

This story must be remembered.
Anand Giridharadas
this story brings it home and more than the celebrities for me it is bill bill mcglashan who epitomizes the mo
This story brings it home. And more than the celebrities, for me it is Bill.

Bill McGlashan, who epitomizes the modern fantasy that the rich people who rigged the modern world, who monopolized the American dream for themselves, are the solution to redressing our injustices.
@voxdotcom 1 week
bill mcglashan is a leading voice in silicon valley for social responsibility now he s charged in the same col
Bill McGlashan is a leading voice in Silicon Valley for social responsibility. Now he's charged in the same college admissions bribery scandal that's ensnared actress Felicity Huffman.
Anand Giridharadas
this is bill mcglashan a partner at tpg the private equity giant not a hollywood star but a cornerstone of the
This is Bill McGlashan.

A partner at TPG, the private equity giant.

Not a Hollywood star. But a cornerstone of the business-philanthropic establishment.
Seth Fiegerman
one of the people charged in the college admissions scandal appears to be bill mcglashan a private equity inve
One of the people charged in the college admissions scandal appears to be Bill McGlashan, a private equity investor and CEO of The Rise Fund, a social impact fund with Bono, Richard Branson and Laurene Powell Jobs on its board
Anand Giridharadas
an amazing video of bono sitting next to bill mcglashan not knowing the college bribe scandal to come bono see
An amazing video of Bono sitting next to Bill McGlashan, not knowing the college-bribe scandal to come.

Bono seems desperate to speak the businessman’s language. They are fluent in Doing-well-by-doing-good-ese.

This guy was the face of impact investing.
breaking tpg says bill mcglashan has been terminated for cause from his positions with tpg and rise effective
BREAKING: TPG says "Bill McGlashan has been terminated for cause from his positions with TPG and Rise effective immediately" after being charged in alleged college cheating scandal.
Anand Giridharadas
in january the asked me what i thought of bono partnering with tpg s bill mcglashan today ensnared in the coll
In January, the @WSJ asked me what I thought of Bono partnering with TPG's Bill McGlashan, today ensnared in the college bribery scandal, on an impact-investing fund to empower the left-behind.

They used just one quote, but the remainder has resonance today.
Miriam Gottfried
among those charged in the college admissions scheme was bill mcglashan head of tpg growth and ceo of tpg s fu
Among those charged in the college admissions scheme was Bill McGlashan, head of TPG Growth and CEO of TPG's fund focused on socially responsible investing.
tpgs bill mcglashan is put on indefinite leave after being caught up in a gigantic college admissions cheating
TPG’s Bill McGlashan is put on indefinite leave, after being caught up in a gigantic college admissions cheating scandal by @Cookie
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