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Bill Gates gives away $4.6 billion, unveils a new campaign to combat malaria
JUST IN: Jeff Bezos surpasses Bill Gates as the world's richest person
Jeff Bezos became the world's richest person for the first time today, overtaking long-time king Bill Gates
Jeff Bezos becomes the richest person in the world, surpassing Bill Gates
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With a net worth topping $90 billion, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos dethrones Bill Gates as the world's richest person
Rich people without a college degree:

Abraham Lincoln
Walt Disney
Bill Gates
Mark Zuckerberg
Henry Ford
Thomas Edison
Steve Jobs
Bill Gates warns Germany's open door policy to migrants will overwhelm Europe. Will Europe take note, now it's coming from him? #IanOnLBC
Bill Gates giving emergency donation of $50,000,000 to fight Ebola in west Africa:
Jeff Bezos has overtaken Bill Gates to be the richest person on the planet
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