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Luhan channels his inner badass biker boy for 'L'Officiel Homme China'
BALMAIN x BALMAIN x BALMAIN... On some biker boy ishhhhh to end the week... #parisfashionweek #fashionking #swagcrazy
Sean Williams, 18, gunned down last night on Edmondson Ave, was a well known dirt-biker who went by "Biker Boy Sean"
.@RanveerOfficial is a badass biker boy.

Here’s why:
Three-year-old biker boy has hilarious reaction when he's pulled over by the cops
The biker boy of @VMAN wears a #RobertoCavalli Menswear look in this amazing shot from the Fall/Winter 2014 issue!
Been riding around on my fat boy all day everywhere .. I'm so much more of a biker boy than a car dude ..
18-yr-old known as "Biker Boy Sean" gunned down Sunday night, just 9 days after release from jail
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