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@ANI_news 1 month
enforcement directorate ed attaches assets worth rs 462 crores of robert vadras company m s sky light hospital
Enforcement Directorate (ED) attaches assets worth Rs 4.62 crores of Robert Vadra’s company M/s Sky Light Hospitality (P) Ltd (Now LLP) and others in connection with Bikaner land scam case.
Chetan Bhagat
sometimes it is easier be a hero in berkeley than in bikaner where it really matters
Sometimes, it is easier be a hero in Berkeley than in Bikaner, where it really matters.
Ajay Devgn
dusk in the desert bikaner
Dusk in the desert. Bikaner.
@ANI_news 1 month
rajasthan robert vadra and his mother maureen vadra arrive in jaipur for questioning in connection with a mone
Rajasthan: Robert Vadra and his mother Maureen Vadra arrive in Jaipur for questioning in connection with a money-laundering case related to a land scam in Bikaner.
INC India
@INCIndia 5 months
congress president s will conclude his two day tour of rajasthan with a public address at sardar patel college
Congress President 's will conclude his two day tour of Rajasthan with a public address at Sardar Patel College in Bikaner.
Abhijit Majumder
big exclusive boko haram joins jihad against india trains and dispatches 9 terrorists their main target school
BIG EXCLUSIVE: Boko Haram joins jihad against India, trains and dispatches 9 terrorists.
Their main target: Schoolchildren.
Also, Army installations, supermarkets and Delhi's Bikaner House, shows chilling intel alert, writes
Yogendra Yadav
thanks for asking i know you find it hard to believe such examples of hindu muslim unity would you find this a
Thanks for asking.
I know you find it hard to believe such examples of Hindu-Muslim unity.
Would you find this article by Dipankar Deb in your own favourite a good evidence?
Artist: Ruknuddin (?)
Bikaner, 18th C
Shall we close this matter?
INC India
@INCIndia 5 months
congress govt had allocated 900cr for canal projects in rajasthan bikaner farmers would have benefited from it
Congress govt had allocated ₹900Cr for Canal Projects in Rajasthan. Bikaner farmers would have benefited from it. The project was canceled by BJP govt: Congress President #जन_जन_की_कांग्रेस
@ANI_news 1 year
premises of close aides of robert vadra mahesh nagar and ashok kumar raided by ed in bikaner land deal case ra
Premises of close aides of Robert Vadra- Mahesh Nagar and Ashok Kumar raided by ED in Bikaner land deal case. Raids underway in Faridabad
INC India
@INCIndia 5 months
ask any small businesses of bikaner if they benefited from demonetisation and they ll say no we will remove an
Ask any small businesses of Bikaner if they benefited from Demonetisation, and they'll say no. We will remove #GabbarSinghTax and implement GST that will benefit small businesses: Congress President #जन_जन_की_कांग्रेस
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