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Sooo, who do we believe: Laura Dern or Nicole Kidman on #BigLittleLies  season 3 being a go?! 🤣 #SAGAwards 

Could this candid #SAGAwards  moment be the last cast reunion for the women of #BigLittleLies ?!

Nicole Kidman, a double-nominee tonight, is most proud of "championing women" #BigLittleLies  #Bombshell  #SAGAwards 

Could this candid SAG Awards moment be the last cast reunion for the women of #BigLittleLies ? Say it ain't so!

#NicoleKidman says she’d be up for a third season of #BigLittleLies , if it's "a great story”

When Meryl Streep showed off her jewellery to the #BigLittleLies  kids at the #SAGawards2020 , my heart melted. 😍

In October, @LauraDern  broke down the differences between her #MarriageStory  and #BigLittleLies  characters for us.

#BigLittleLies star Shailene Woodley is so relatable in incredibly-awkward prom throwback

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Happy birthday, Meryl Streep! I’m so glad you’re my friend and extra glad you’re not my mother-in-law. #BigLittleLies 

Celeste in #BigLittleLies : I gave the boys cereal. Perry: WHY WASNT I THERE FOR CEREAL GIVING? YOU KNOW HOW MUCH I LOVE TO BE THERE FOR THAT

Happy birthday, Nicole Kidman! As a present, I’m agreeing to be in #BigLittleLies  Season 3. Have your people call my people.

Congrats to the women of #BigLittleLies  on such an incredible #GoldenGlobes  night ❤️

It's official: #BigLittleLies  renewed for season 2 with a new director

I loved #BigLittleLies , the acting, the directing, the subject matter. Plus 5 extremely well-executed Audrey Hepburn costumes and a murder!

Reese Witherspoon brought her 17 year old self to the #BigLittleLies  premiere last night

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