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The weather is reaching biblical proportions. -- @algore 

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California’s “other big one”: Scientists warn state may be due for storm of biblical proportions that could cause 3 times more damage than major earthquake

This lunacy has gone too far. The CEO of bullied into apology for patronizing because owners support “biblical definition of marriage”. Holding a personal view taught by mainstream Christianity is now boycott worthy. via

Today, over 40 million Americans live in poverty - including millions of children and seniors. As we enter the holiday season, and think about the future of our country, let us not forget the biblical admonishment: "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you."

This is some level 12 biblical shade from the United Methodist Building. FYI: the Methodist building sits literally next to the Supreme Court, and across the street from the Capitol.

Apocalypse ‘to happen’ on April 23rd as death planet ‘Nibiru’ will bring ‘Biblical Rapture’...

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Your biblical namesake David slept with Bathsheba & had her husband killed on the front. Didn’t God nevertheless make David His man?

CIA message to Trump: you mess with us, get ready for a leakstorm of Biblical proportions

idk if i saw an ancient man or biblical figure or wizard walking around town, but whatever it was... it was awesome

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