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Donald J. Trump
the american media has changed forever news organizations that seemed like a big deal are now extinct those th
“The American Media has changed forever. News organizations that seemed like a big deal are now extinct. Those that remain have now degraded themselves beyond recognition, like the New Yorker - or they’ve been purchased by Jeff Bezos to conduct unregistered lobbying for.........
Rex Huppke
pause a moment and consider the way jeff bezos was being threatened now envision what trumps pal at the nation
Pause a moment and consider the way Jeff Bezos was being threatened. Now envision what Trump’s pal at the National Enquirer has on Ted Cruz, and ask yourself why Cruz went from hating Trump to loving him. Now do the same thing for Lindsey Graham. And all those Evangelicals. 😈
ian bremmer
tech billionaires who donate biggest of wealth to charity after bill gates its a disaster 1 bill gates 46 2 mi
Tech billionaires who donate biggest % of wealth to charity. After Bill Gates it’s a disaster.

1 Bill Gates 46%
2 Michael Dell 9%
3 Carlos Slim 6%
4 Sergey Brin 5%
5 Ma Huateng 4%
6 Larry Page 3%
7 Mark Zuckerberg 2.4%
8 Larry Ellison 2.1%
9 Jeff Bezos 1.9%

- @businessinsider
Richard Osman
i see amazon boss jeff bezos wife is leaving him with a neighbour presumably
I see Amazon boss Jeff Bezos’ wife is leaving him. With a neighbour, presumably.
Noah Shachtman
exclusive bezos investigation finds the saudis obtained his private data
EXCLUSIVE: Bezos investigation finds the Saudis obtained his private data
Bernie Sanders
the median amazon employee makes 1367 an hour many of those employees rely on food stamps medicaid and public
The median Amazon employee makes $13.67 an hour.

Many of those employees rely on food stamps, Medicaid and public housing to survive.

You know who pays for that? You do.

You know what Jeff Bezos makes every hour? $10,833,33

It's time for Amazon to get off corporate welfare.
Karen Tumulty
jeff bezos just broke the national enquirers business model
Jeff Bezos just broke the National Enquirer’s business model.
Hillary Clinton
in the face of an administration that doesnt care about the middle class this is a bold impressive step by ama
In the face of an administration that doesn’t care about the middle class, this is a bold, impressive step by Amazon. Kudos to Jeff Bezos and the employees fighting for 15.
Byron York
when his extramarital sexting was exposed amazon ceo washington post owner jeff bezos pointed finger at saudis
When his extramarital sexting was exposed, Amazon CEO/Washington Post owner Jeff Bezos pointed finger at Saudis, Trump. Now, looks like actual problem was a very talkative girlfriend and her 'fame-hungry' brother.
@CNN 1 year
amazon ceo jeff bezos and his wife mackenzie are donating 33 million to send 1000 dreamers to college
Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos and his wife, MacKenzie, are donating $33 million to send 1,000 Dreamers to college
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