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Today's date. 9 19 19 The numbers 999 = perfection Turn upside down= 666 evil 911= Tragic event 911= Universal emergency number for everyone in the United States We won't see these numbers again. RT *BerryYNWA

The Writings of Truly Berry ~*BerryYNWA I love just one Man Have Sexy fun with just MHB I don't Share Only spoiled by just MHB Yea 22 with a brain that's Loyal to mhb I Love Him I Love Him I Love Him I will always stand by him care for him be with him MHB, MG, :)

Let me tell Y'all something I know a grown man ain't suppose to cry her eyes still surround me Your cold words stay on my mind & the tears fall on the inside u buried our love 6ft dwn no mourners came around now I've found someone who loves me BerryYNWA

YHZRaCsN1H Hey wait up I got you on camera Can I talk you Hey why you do that Why you be that way 🤣😃😂 Fucccck you RT Remix *JimLeitrim Didn't see that in the Mission Impossible films👀👀👀👀👀 *BerryYNWA

I got you under my skin sleep with my phone waiting on your call never asking u where u been love don't come easy requires all your energy sacrifice commitment tell me that you'll be mine BerryYNWA#mg  #mhp 

Flirty Friday I get this feeling something comes over me. Me too. RT Remix *BerryYNWA Flirty Friday ..... Uhmm okay, it is what it is.

Wait are you still confused? Tell me, are you going to follow these people or not? They will follow back. Do it! FOLLOW *LEIGHLE83237676 *BerryYNWA *rochet10280271 *marthaperez0609

Even muddy water can't keep me from loving you I tried my best to stay away but I can't keep my hands off of you, we are going to have lots of FUN, please spell it with capital letters now ain't that something. GIF via krazykeithrules Rt BerryYNWA

I'm going to wait til the midnight hour til my love come tumbling down I'm going to wait until nobody else is around I want to see the twinkle in your eyes & the stars begin to shine just you & me In Midnight Hour! GIF via *ladoodle_pwalla MG *BerryYNWA


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XBw82c2tBS JUST WATCH IT! 😀 Turn up the volume & listen. Her name is Tiffany Day, and when she found a well with a nice echo on her vacation in Italy, she started singing.. GIF via angie_karan _tiffanyday BerryYNWA

Find this Kangaroo I want to sign him. Find him. Send him to me. NOW. Do it! Posting this fight again so I never lose it. 😧 GIF via i_iove_nature Rt BerryYNWA

What exactly is going on here? How would you react if your child got smacked across the head? Some kids got hit harder than others. I don't get it. Someone please, explain. 😪 😩 GIF via Dax_x98 BerryYNWA

JUST WATCH IT! 😯 GIF via michellebhasin BerryYNWA

NIwZPEUq0X Have u ever missed somebody that it makes your heart hurt, wake up I need some affection I need some loving DREAM LOVER listen to me! You can't sleep the Oracle said that I would fall in love with the one, so get up! I love you!! via *BabyPups4 *BerryYNWA

Now you have another reason to get a dog. Gif via backt0nature How many likes for these disciplined dogs!! BerryYNWA

PKZ2ooFUNs JUST WATCH IT! She's got this pushing thing down to a fooking T. 😧 Wow what a woman, like a herkul! GIF via TheFigen BerryYNWA ladoodle_pwalla

JUST WATCH IT! 😯 GIF via michellebhasin BerryYNWA

JUST WATCH IT! 😯 GIF via michellebhasin BerryYNWA

LGJEvidBe5 Omg! Check out the bird's swaggering walk. Do you know what kind of bird it is? GIF via *welcomet0nature BerryYNWA