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Best way to own the Boomers is to elect a president (either Bernie or Biden) who's too old to be a Boomer.

Bernie Sanders' cynically self-serving guide to fighting anti-Semitism | Opinion@AnshelPfeffer 

@ABC  10 candidates will be on the next debate stage: - Former Vice Pres. Joe Biden - Sen. Cory Booker - South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg - Rep. Tulsi Gabbard - Sen. Kamala Harris - Sen. Amy Klobuchar - Sen. Bernie Sanders - Tom Steyer - Sen. Elizabeth Warren - Andrew Yang

Pelosi demanding Trump's financial records is going to bite her in the assets. It's going to be the greatest punking in the history of politics. Just like Maddows embarrassing big reveal. Trump pays more taxes than Bernie, Pelosi, Warren, Harris, and AOC, combined.

"From the bottom of my heart": Bernie Sanders bounces as health scare fades

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Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders are ahead of Donald Trump in Georgia: Poll

Podcast: Was impeachment hearing boring?; Kellyanne scolds Wolf Blitzer for playing clip of her husband; Deval Patrick jumps into Dem race; Did heart attack help Bernie? @emilyjashinsky 


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I’ve seen many interviews with billionaires about the candidacies of Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders. Has anyone done a similarly well-publicized, primetime interview with a person on food stamps or in suffocating debt about their candidacies?

11 years ago today, we lost the legend Bernie Mac. ❤️🕊 You are missed.

A truly great, patriotic & charitable man, Bernie Marcus, the co-founder of Home Depot who, at the age of 90, is coming under attack by the Radical Left Democrats with one of their often used weapons. They don’t want people to shop at those GREAT stores because he contributed....

Bernie Mac would have turned 62 today. Happy birthday to an icon. ❤️🕊

Bernie Sanders'>Crazy Bernie Sanders recently equated the City of Baltimore to a THIRD WORLD COUNTRY! Based on that statement, I assume that Bernie must now be labeled a Racist, just as a Republican would if he used that term and standard! The fact is, Baltimore can be brought back, maybe......

I believe it will be Bernie Sanders'>Crazy Bernie Sanders vs. Sleepy Joe Biden as the two finalists to run against maybe the best Economy in the history of our Country (and MANY other great things)! I look forward to facing whoever it may be. May God Rest Their Soul!

“Meanwhile, the Dayton, Ohio, shooter had a history of supporting political figures like Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, and ANTIFA.” @OANN  I hope other news outlets will report this as opposed to Fake News. Thank you!

Bernie Sanders and wife should pay the Pre-Trump Taxes on their almost $600,000 in income. He is always complaining about these big TAX CUTS, except when it benefits him. They made a fortune off of Trump, but so did everyone else - and that’s a good thing, not a bad thing!

Looks like Bernie Sanders is history. Sleepy Joe Biden is pulling ahead and think about it, I’m only here because of Sleepy Joe and the man who took him off the 1% trash heap, President O! China wants Sleepy Joe BADLY!

I am in Japan at the G-20, representing our Country well, but I heard it was not a good day for Sleepy Joe or Crazy Bernie. One is exhausted, the other is nuts - so what’s the big deal?