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The Senate should not confirm Bernard McNamee for the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.

McNamee has a long record of biased promotion of fossil fuels & hostility to renewables.

He published an op-ed ON EARTH DAY praising the benefits of fossil fuels.
When our country is plagued by wildfires & flooding, powerful storms & hurricanes buffet our coasts, and average Americans feel the devastating effects of climate change, we should not elevate someone in Bernard McNamee so biased in favor of fossil fuels.
The Trump Administration just released a report on climate change outlining the dire consequences if we don't act.

Now is not the time to elevate someone like Bernard McNamee as our chief federal energy regulator who is biased against renewable energy.
Trump's pick to set the nation's energy policy Bernard McNamee thinks fossil fuels lead to a 'clean environment'
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I Oppose Bernard McNamee's Nomination to @FERC
I just voted NO on advancing the nomination of Bernard McNamee to FERC. Mr. McNamee has been the leading architect of the Trump admin's proposal to bailout uncompetitive coal. Consumers are demanding cleaner and cheaper energy — we cannot afford this backward thinking.
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