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Bermuda government to accept taxes in USDC stablecoin

Bermuda is rolling out the first phase of a national digital identification system built on blockchain tech – one of the first anywhere. Via @wsfoxley  @BermudaPremier  @shyftnetwork 

Bermuda Becomes 1st National Government to Accept Tax Payments in USDC Stablecoin Read more:

Bermuda's Government Is the First to Officially Accept USDC for Taxex#Stablecoin  #Usdc  #Bermuda  #Crypto  #Taxes 

Bermuda become the first to accept USDC stablecoin to pay for taxes -

Major announcement from @BermudaPremier today at @investBermuda  Tech Summit. Bermuda is committed to accept, for payment of govt taxes, fees and services, 1:1 US dollar backed digital currencies licensed by the Bermuda Monetary Authority. Bermuda is the 1st country to do so.

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Bermuda Starts Development of a Blockchain-Based National ID System

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Bermuda Starts Development of a Blockchain-Based National ID System by @Coindesk 

Residents of Bermuda will be able to pay their taxes with the $USDC #stablecoin .

Bermuda Now Accepts USDC Crypto for Taxes and Government Services by @Coindesk 


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whatever happened to the bermuda triangle - feel like it gets no play anymore?

Bermuda just banned marriage equality. I guess I’m canceling my trip. Anybody else?

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Today ITAT held NDTV guilty of money laundering of Rs. 902 crores and fraudulent share sales with GE USA through Bermuda and Netherlands!!!

Regina King is a national treasure & should have every offer available. She can literally do/play anything. She also once saved me from drowning in Bermuda. Shes legit a superhero everyday. Also, PAY HER!!

Progressive Labor Party in Bermuda just eliminated gay marriage. Americans who really are progressives should find another vacation spot.

No country in the world has ever reversed same sex marriage after granting it, Bermuda will be the first. An embarrassment to equal rights. Bermuda should be ashamed. #equalityforAll