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Bennet's conference plan gets the seal of approval by Brandy and Cronk. 👍 📺Stream #FoxLeagueLIVE  on Foxtel Now:

A group of Democratic senators, including Michael Bennet of Colorado, want the Defense Department's OIG to investigate the dismissal of Navy Capt. Brett Crozier, who raised concerns about coronavirus on the USS Theodore Roosevelt. Their letter:

NEW: Sen. Michael Bennet calls on the CDC to give guidance for DIY coronavirus masks, @JustinWingerter  reports #COpolitics 

Sen. Bennet says he will send Sen. Toomey a mask. (Toomey says he is not currently leaving his property) "Great. I've got a bandanna but I could use a mask," Toomey responds

Sens. Toomey and Bennet holding conference call on everyone wearing masks if they have to go out in public Toomey says he has spoken to CDC about the idea and spoke with Trump yesterday "and he is sympathetic to the idea" and exploring whether to include in national guidelines

What Toomey and Bennet are pitching is using homemade masks/face covers. They are not asking folks to wear N95 masks

Another request made by the full delegation on Wednesday – for the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services to approve a 1135 waiver to give the Colorado Medicaid program more flexibility during the outbreak – was granted Thursday, Sen. Bennet said.

Happening today: U.S. Sen. Bennet'>Michael Bennet will hold a telephone town hall at noon to provide an update on the COVID-19 federal response.

Latest #COVID19Colorado  updates: ➡️ Sen. Bennet to hold telephone town hall tomorrow at noon. ➡️ Call 211, not 911, for #coronavirus  resources ➡️ U.S. surpasses China in number of positive cases for COVID-19.


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Some of these “Democrats getting outflanked” takes are very premature ... this plan from Sens Booker, Brown, and Bennet is way better than anything in any GOP proposal to assist households.

Sirota deleted 20,000 tweets last night after I contacted him about this, including all of the ones in which he has gone after O'Rourke, Biden, Gillibrand, Booker, Harris, Bennet, Hickenlooper and more. He said he was doing this as a journalist. Here's a deleted tweet:

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This is the kind of quote for which bumper stickers were invented in the first place: “'If Bennet'>Michael Bennet is the nominee, Mitch McConnell’s going to look like he crapped a pineapple,' said Carville."

As Schiff hits 2-hour mark, more than a dozen GOP senators have left Senate chamber & are in cloakroom. All Dems, I believe, remain in the chamber. Sen. Bennet gestures w his hand as if to say, what's with that? Rules require senators to be at their desks for entirety of trial.

Moderator: Raise your hand if your government plan would provide health care coverage for undocumented immigrants. ✅Biden ✅Bennet ✅Buttigieg ✅Gillibrand ✅Harris ✅Hickenlooper ✅Sanders ✅Swalwell ✅Williamson ✅Yang

Leftwing Senator Michael Bennet of Colorado, who’s seeking the Democrat Party nomination for president, is brother of the editorial page editor of the New York Times

Candidates who qualified for first debates: — BennetBidenBookerButtigiegCastro – de BlasioDelaneyGabbardGillibrandHarrisHickenlooperInsleeKlobuchar – O'RourkeRyanSandersSwalwellWarrenWilliamsonYang

Colorado senator MichaelBennet's impassioned government shutdown speech has gone viral.

Stephon Clark was hit by eight of the 20 bullets, per Dr. Bennet Omalu, who performed a second autopsy on March 27. Six of the wounds entered him from the back. All of them had “fatal capacity,” meaning any one would have killed him. “Death was not instantaneous,” said Dr. Omalu.

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BREAKING: Patriots sign unknown TE Daaron Fernandez to 8-week contract, will battle for starting spot with Bennet'>Martellus Bennet.

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