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Celebrating #MotherLanguageDay ! Did you know the #NobelPrize  in Literature has been awarded to laureates writing in a total of 25 different languages including Bengali, Hungarian and Turkish, the native language of Nobel Laureate Orhan Pamuk, whose manuscript is pictured here.

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"Belonging was a matter of right and I did not possess that right, even by birth. The land belonged to someone else." - @manasharya  What it means to be Bengali in India's Assam

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Languages with most speakers overall: 1 English 1.13bn (winning) 2 Mandarin Chinese 1.12bn (but not by much) 3 Hindi 615m 4 Spanish 534m 5 French 280m Most native speakers: 1 Mandarin Chinese 918m 2 Spanish 460m 3 English 379m 4 Hindi 341m 5 Bengali 228m -Ethnologue

Ground Zero | In Tripura, it's a clash among the displaced tribal Brus and the non-tribal Bengali residents. Rahul Karmakar@rahconteur ) reports on the challenges to secure suitable land for both. #Tripura 

The unsung architects of Bengali cuisine are generations of dutiful widows

Assam to Provide Aid For Hindu Assamese-Bengali Intermarriages via @thewire_in 

Assam Linguistic Minority Development Board has announced that the Bengali Hindu brides or grooms in the Assam who tie the knot with Assamese Hindu partners will get financial assistance from the board.


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Dhimmitude of Bengali and Malayali ‘intellectuals’ astounds me. Bengal has woken up at last. But most Hindus from Kerala are bent on self-destruction. 1901-2011 - Indic religion population dipped 69% to 55% in Kerala, and Muslims grew 17% to 27%.

Our national TV anchors are mostly non-Tamils and those few who are Tamils are terrified of Dravida Kazhagam. Hence the anchors respectfully call DK types as "Tamil parties". Are parties in other states called e.g., Bengali parties etc.?

T 2617 - Job Application : Name : Amitabh Bachchan DOB : 11.10.1942, Allahabad Age : 76 yrs Credentials : worked in films for 49 years , IN APPROX 200 FILMS Speaks ; Hindi, English, Punjabi, Bengali HEIGHT : 6'2'' .. Available .. YOU SHALL NEVER HAVE HEIGHT PROBLEM !!!

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Nomoshkar Kolkata! In your city today on this beautiful morning with . Kemon achhish? A special treat coming up for our Bengali fans, stay tuned :)

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Mamata Didi wants to impose Urdu over Bengali in educational institutions across the West Bengal. This is against the wishes of the people of the state. We will win 23 seats in Bengal and the countdown of TMC will start: Shri#NaMoForNewIndia 

All Bengali TV channels have been asked not to broadcast my speech. In a democratic India, no one can take away the freedom of speech from us. Our party workers will visit every part of Bengal to share the malpractices of TMC : Shri#BJPForSonarBangla 

Surprised to see the sea of people gathering for BJP President Amit Shah’s Mayo Road rally in Kolkata. More surprised to see leading Bengali channels — so far Mamata’s fiefdom, blacking out riot after riot and atrocity after atrocity — are live-streaming Shah’s rally :-)

Reminds me of an old Bengali adage: “Bhooter mukhey Ram naam.” People chant Ram’s name when they sight a ghost. But what if the ghost itself starts singing praises of Ram?

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For decades since 1960s, Andaman islands were deeply divided on provincial and caste lines such as Bengali, Tamil, UP/Bihar ancestry and varna. Yesterday I saw total unity because of Hindutva

Shubho Nabo Barsho to my Bengali friends. Wishing you all on Poila Boishakh & praying for a wonderful year ahead.