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IT and ED must raid the benami properties of PC and BC in Madikeri with the same ferocity as for Sasikala& co. Sasikala has already been convicted on my complaint, but PC/BC are free wining&dining Sakuni
K'tka Police should raid PC's and Buddhu's benami coffee estates for pvt militia resident there for clues on Ms. Lankesh murder
Honest citizens want this fight against corruption, black money, benami property, terrorism & counterfeit currency to continue.
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Codavas are clearly a subset culture of Hinduism. They are entitled to Constitutional protection of Article 244 r/w Schedules 6 and 8. But benami land grabbers e.g., PC/BC are terrified of that. Why?
It'll hit black money & benami holdings like the proverbial ton of bricks! Of course, the real estate sector will hurt even more than it already is. This kind of structural shift to a formal, tax-compliant, modern economy was never going to be without pain...
Government intends to leverage the utility of Aadhaar to ensure rights of the poor such as affordable ration, medicines, scholarships, pensions, subsidies. Aadhaar will also be made instrumental to unearth Benami properties. #PMAtLeadershipSummit
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#WATCH: Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar reiterates his support for #demonetisation, says this is the right time to hit Benami property
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Revealed : The murky model of Robert Vadra’s Benami land deals.
Does PC have a 5 % stake in NSE through benami and hence in GSTN thru NSE's wholly owned subsidiary? SEBI be on guard or a rocket is on way
Swamy writes to PM accusing CBDT of going slow in the probe against Chidambaram under Black Money & Benami Acts
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