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Pistons will retire Chauncey Billups' #1 and Ben Wallace's #3 later this season. (via Detroit Free Press)
Undrafted to 4x Defensive Player of the Year & NBA CHAMP.. the BEST of BEN WALLACE with @DetroitPistons! #NBAmixtape
MUST WATCH: Here's the Ben Wallace tribute we showed during halftime. #FearTheFro #DetroitBasketball
OFFICIAL: We'll be honoring and retiring jerseys for Ben Wallace on January 16 and Chauncey Billups on February 10!
Ben Wallace with the Dab
Biz out here looking like the great Ben Wallace this series..
"Hero" MP Tobias Ellwood & Ben Wallace appointed to Privy Council in recognition of response to London attack
Powerful SLAMS and Aggressive SWATS... the BEST of BEN WALLACE with @DetroitPistons!
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