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YouTuber Jake Paul dissed Zayn Malik and Gigi HadidClapped back into the next century. From now on we're ending every argument with "go to bed".

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One Direction once got kicked out of a hotel owned by Donald Trump, because they wouldn't get out of bed to meet his daughter.

Pumping your fists and shouting, "Yeah!" when you first get woken up by the alarm will help you get out of bed faster.

Most drivers get their cars treated because they see bed bugs, get a complaint, or are just taking precautions after a ride, a #Dallas  exterminator said

Smith ran restaurants in Manhattan, Sag Harbor and Washington D.C., wrote three books about cooking and entertaining and had a home goods collection at Bed Bath & Beyond.

EW!!! 🐛 A Dallas-based pest exterminator tells WFAA that he treats up to 10 rideshare vehicles per week for bed bugs, a mode of transportation that thousands turn to weekly to get around the metro.

Plea for palliative care bed election promise


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@jakepaul  Lol cause he doesn’t care to hang w you and your embarrassing crew of YouTube groupies ..? Home alone with his best friends like a respectful king cause he has me, sweetie. Unbothered by your irrelevant ugly ass. Go to bed ...

If you blow air through sand, it becomes a "fluidized bed," and acts just like a liquid

In bed after a shower watching Thor two as the wait for super powers continues ... It's been 22 years, I think they got lost

So glad to be in bed after a long and strange 24 hours

I know I've tweeted about needing my bed before but today it's a necessity

Off to bed for a few hours, then up for the fight. Can't wait! #Pacman 

Well that was fun! thank you horsens ... It was soo fkn cold out there , I think it's a day in bed for me tomorrow ! Night night people xx

This dude kept a woman chained and shackled to her jail bed during childbirth. I will never forget that story...