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Joe Biden on enduring the losses of his first wife and infant daughter, and later his son Beau: "The way you overcome enormous tragedy is you've got to find purpose in your life" #CNNTownHall 

Taking the stage in Oskaloosa, Iowa, @JoeBiden  tells the audience: “The person I anticipated running for president this year was Beau Biden, not Joe Biden.”

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Joe Biden on Hunter: "I was unaware of his investments until those occurred. And I have never discussed what -- my son’s business with him because I didn’t want any conflict, including my deceased son Beau as the attorney general was suing banks apparently during the recession"

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Source confirms Kent testified that he raised a question in 2015 about optics of Hunter Biden serving on Burisma board - and was told it wasn't a good time to raise that because of the declining health of Beau Biden.

@rachaelmbade  @mviserKent  worried that Ukrainian officials would view Hunter Biden as a conduit for currying influence with his father. But when he raised the issue with Biden’s office, he was told Biden didn’t have the “bandwidth” to deal with the issue because Beau, was battling cancer

"When Kent raised the issue with Biden’s office, he was told the then-vice president didn’t have the 'bandwidth' to deal with the issue involving his son as his other son, Beau, was battling cancer, said the people familiar with his testimony."

Counter-factual history: If Beau Biden had survived, he's likely the runaway frontrunner at this point in the nomination. Had genuine progressive cred from his foreclosure work as AG, and would have the Obama glow his dad now has.

I hadn't heard Biden previously intimate that Beau's illness was due to exposure to burn pits during his deployment. He does so here. Praises hospice and home care workers.

Joe Biden Gets Emotional When Eagle Flies Over Campaign Event: 'Maybe That's My Beau'

Biden grows emotional talking about his late son Beau


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‘Why the hell didn’t you [cure cancer] over the last 50 years, Joe?’ — Don Jr. attacked Joe Biden for not curing cancer. Biden’s son Beau died of cancer in 2015.

Thinking of @JoeBiden , @DrBiden  and the entire Biden family today. Beau Biden was my friend. We were AGs together, and you couldn’t find a person who cared more deeply for his family, the nation he served, and the state of Delaware. Four years after his passing, I still miss him.

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In emotional moment on , Joe Biden consoles Meghan McCain, whose father was diagnosed with same cancer Biden's late son Beau had. "There is hope. And if anybody can make it, your dad [can]."

In an emotional moment, Joe Biden consoles Meghan McCain, whose father was diagnosed with the same cancer as Biden's late son Beau: "There is hope. And if anybody can make it, your dad [can]."

Emotional VP Biden tells story about how Obama offered to help him while son Beau was sick

Hillary & I mourn the loss of Beau Biden - so full of life, love, honor, and service - and we pray for the strength of his wonderful family.

Vice President Joe Biden gets emotional as portion of bill to speed up drug approvals is renamed after his son Beau.

My heart is broken for the family of Beau Biden—a wonderful man who served his country with devotion and lived his life with courage. -H

Regardless of politics, we should all be Joe Biden supporters tonight. We are not meant to bury our children. Beau Biden, dead at 46. Cancer