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Louisiana pastor dies from COVID-19 — after claiming coronavirus was a ‘mark of the beast’ conspiracy #coronavirus 

Jamming out, charging up, and ready to rock 🤟 See Jamie Benn go full Beast Mode in our #Encore  presentation of the @DallasStars  Dec. 29 win against the Coyotes! #GoStars 

"The governor's actions are creating mass confusion and panic across the state," Tupelo Mayor Jason Shelton, a Democrat, said in an interview with The Beast'>Daily Beast

If you find yourself in the belly of the beast like Jonah did, it’s time for you to submit and commit to God! #NANSaturdayActionRally 

🎥100 Must Watch Movies🎥 🍿 Coming to America (1988) 🍿 When Harry Met Sally... (1989) 🍿 Beauty and the Beast (1991) Did we forget anything?

I don’t think that video properly gives a sense of scale for this magnificent beast .

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Trump Says He Told Pence to Ignore Governors in Hard-Hit Areas If They Are 'Not Appreciative' (Hunter Woodall / The Beast'>Daily Beast)

Gilbert Burns thinks Tyron Woodley has changed: "The guy used to be a beast." Full interview:


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Thank you to everyone who saw our film Beauty and the Beast! I saw so many lovely photos of families at the cinema together! Love, Em x ❤️?

“I fear God boi... I don't start nothing." Arizona got a beast in DeAndre Hopkins.😤

Remember how George W. Bush said he was the last Republican? Well, as it turns out he’s right. His species of Republican is now defunct. Our mascot has gone from the trembling elephant to the charging elephant—a different beast, as the Left is realizing to its dismay

So happy to show all of you the new teaser poster for Beauty and the Beast! I hope you like it. Love Emma x

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NYT says Trump is poised to name Richard Grenell as Director of National Intelligence. Here's Lev Parnas telling the Daily Beast that Grenell agreed to give a "heads up" to Kremlin-connected oligarch Dmitry Firtash if DOJ was about to move to extradite him to face trial here:

New poster for Beauty and the Beast! @beourguest  ?

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Went to the blink show tonight, fucking great. travis is a beast. Mark is the man. and Matt was a serious dude. #blink182AppreciationNight