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OP-ED: Rockets over #Riyadh: A reminder of why #Tehran must be confronted in #Yemen, writes Baria Alamuddin
OP-ED: #Saleh’s assassination dangerously narrows the #Houthi support base, severing any connections with the majority-Sunni citizens in areas under their increasingly fragile control, writes Baria Alamuddin
OP-ED: @saadhariri has good reasons to fear for his life, but his other motives for resignation are more compelling: #Hezbollah’s growing dominance and incitement against friendly #Arab nations, writes Baria Alamuddin.
George and Amal Clooney Are 'So Happy, So Contented' with The Twins, Says Proud Grandma Baria Alamuddin
Op-ed: #IRGC is not just a #terrorist entity, it sets the standard that others imitate, says Baria Alamuddin -
OP-ED: Missiles fired toward #Jeddah and the holy city of #Makkah in 2016 make a laughing stock of the #Islamic Republic’s pretentions to be a defender of the #Muslim faith, writes Baria Alamuddin
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