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OP-ED: World leaders gathering for the 2018 #UNGeneralAssembly must take concrete action against the #Rohingya genocide, the #Uighurs' cultural eradication and the #Syrian bloodbath, otherwise such abominations become normalized, writes Baria Alamuddin
OP-ED: Rockets over #Riyadh: A reminder of why #Tehran must be confronted in #Yemen, writes Baria Alamuddin
Op-ed: #IRGC is not just a #terrorist entity, it sets the standard that others imitate, says Baria Alamuddin -
George and Amal Clooney Are 'So Happy, So Contented' with The Twins, Says Proud Grandma Baria Alamuddin
OP-ED: The #Nakba is not past history: It is still with us in the necessity of resisting injustice, writes Baria Alamuddin #Palestine #NakbaDayD#Nakba70a 70
OP-ED: Instead of castigating #Trump for being mean to #Rouhani, the world’s media must look at what #Iran is actually doing — and then criticize him for not going far enough, writes Baria Alamuddin
#DonaldTrump and other world leaders might have you believe that Daesh is #dead and gone, but Baria Alamuddin says the truth is to the contrary – they’re busy killing just like they always were
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