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GOT7 announce world tour, becoming the first K-pop group to headline the Barclays Center
Really special song and amazing moment at Barclays Center in New York the other night.
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Leicester City have etched their name on the Barclays Premier League honour roll...
NYC! Barclays Center tickets are onsale now go get them!
2nd NYC area show added at Barclays Center 8/16! Presales start 4/2 & onsale 4/8. Info here
Hey @joejonas.... Barclays?
Congratulations to Manchester United on winning the Barclays Premier League title for 2012-13
Conor McGregor and members of his team showed up at the Barclays Center at the very end of media day moments ago. There was an altercation with some of the departing fighters who are competing on the card.
Congratulations to Antonio Conte who has been named Barclays Premier League Manager of the Month for a record third time in a row! 👏
Thankyou Barclays 💞💞
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