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The petition to rename the stretch of 5th Ave in NY in front of Trump Tower#ObamaAve  has gone viral and almost reached its goal. If the street is renamed the new address for Trump Tower will be 725 Barack H. Obama Ave.

#ObamaAve - figured we'd sign the petition too. Rename Fifth Avenue in front of Trump Tower: "President Barack H. Obama Avenue" @MoveOn 

19% of adult Twitter users in the U.S. follow Donald Trump’s personal account on the platform. Trump's predecessor, Barack Obama, is followed by 26% of U.S. adult Twitter users. Bill Clinton is followed by 6% of adult users.

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From George Washington through Barack Obama, only 6% of nominees to life-tenured federal courts has been met with any opposition at all (not even a single vote) when confirmed. Since Trump took office that number has soared to 70%.

Fact check: President Trump takes credit for another factory approved under Barack Obama

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Part 1 of my #PoliticsNation  memo to Trump about a petition to rename a street outside a Trump Tower building in NYC from 5th avenue to Barack Obama avenue.

Part 2 of my #PoliticsNation  memo to Trump about a petition to rename a street outside a Trump Tower building in NYC from 5th avenue to Barack Obama avenue.

When he announced his run, Joe Biden's advisers were nervous: Would people donate without Barack Obama on the ticket? Within hours, money flooded in. It’s still his best day of fund-raising yet. But our review also found some early warning signs.

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Why Barack Obama wants you to read this book about the internet


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Lonzo's new sleeve features: ➖ MLK ➖ Rosa ParksJackie RobinsonMalcolm X ➖ Harriet TubmanBarack Obama "The Marathon Continues" at the top of the arm 🏁 (via stevebutchertattoos/IG)

In 2011, I visited the tiny town of Moneygall and got to walk around in the house where my great-great-great grandfather Falmouth Kearney lived his early life. I'll always be grateful for the warmth and generosity of the Irish people. Happy St. Patrick's Day! -Barack O’Bama

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If spent the same energy fighting Barack Obama as he does fighting Donald Trump, he could have won the race (maybe)!

9 years ago today, Barack Obama was elected the first African-American President of the United States.

When he came for Barack Obama, Republicans were silent. When he came for undocumented immigrants, they were silent. When he came for a sitting member of Congress, they were silent. Their silence is enabling his hatred and bigotry.

President Barack Obama and Michelle Obama have entered into a multi-year agreement to produce films and series for Netflix, potentially including scripted series, unscripted series, docu-series, documentaries, and features.

Thank you John McCain for defending Barack Obama against bigotry and hatred. This moment will forever be remembered in American history and showed just how incredible of a man you were. RIP.

Attention Nike: The flag Colin Kaepernick told you was unacceptable on your shoes was displayed rather prominently at Barack Obama's inauguration.

I hope Barack Obama just shows up places in the public eye every couple of weeks through the next election just to remind people what it was like to have a decent, intelligent, compassionate president. So they know we can have that again.

"To Barack and Michelle Obama, our country owes you an enormous debt of gratitude. We thank you for your graceful, determined leadership.”