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Banks. u coulda been the greatest female rapper alive but u blew it. dont take it out on the only person who had ur back.
Trump is the #1 expert on…
- Taxes
- Construction
- Campaign finance
- Drones
- Technology
- U.S. History
- Infrastructure
- Facebook
- Renewables
- Polls
- Courts
- Steel workers
- Golf
- Banks
- Nuclear arms
- The system
- Debt
- Politicians

…according to Donald Trump
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BREAKING: Today SCOTUS ruled that the Eighth Amendment protects people from state and local authorities' abusive fines, fees, and forfeitures to raise money.

This will help stop state and local authorities from using people in the justice system as their piggy banks.
Alexa did this really happen today? Two days before Christmas the Secretary of State calls the Secretary of Defense to tell him he’s out and the Secretary of Treasury (from the beach in Mexico) gets on the phone with the banks to make sure they have money to lend people.
Schools. Places of worship. Movie theaters. Banks. No matter where you are, you deserve to feel safe from gun violence. Mass shootings that barely make headlines cannot become our new reality. We must pass universal background checks and ban assault weapons.
Every day I have to marvel at what the billionaires and FOX News pulled off.
They got working whites to hate the very people that want them to have more pay, clean air, water, free healthcare and the power to fight back against big banks & big corps. It’s truly remarkable.
On nearly every "radical" idea the American people are with us:

72% want to expand Social Security.
70% want Medicare for All.
65% want a jobs guarantee.
64% want to legalize marijuana.
60% want tuition-free public colleges.
58% want $15 min wage.
57% want to break up big banks.
More than 2,500 federal workers in Hawaii are either furloughed or working without pay during the #TrumpShutdown. As long as Donald Trump refuses to re-open the government, I will be donating my salary to Hawaii’s food banks – who serve nearly 1 in 8 Hawaii residents in need.
Hey Trump voters, yesterday Pence voted to break a Senate tie to pass a bill to stop consumers from mounting class-action lawsuits against rip-off banks/credit card firms. Trump will sign. How's that for populism? You were conned. Sad.
We’re deeply saddened to hear that Gordon Banks, our #WorldCup-winning goalkeeper, has passed away.

Our thoughts are with Gordon’s friends, family and supporters at this difficult time.
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