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In France: out of the 36 working days between April 13th and June 1st, there are 5 bank holidays and one de-facto extra "pont" day. That's 6 days off in just over 7 weeks.

UK RNS today #3  - M&G - Royal London today announces the sale of its platform business, Ascentric, to M&G plc. £14bn AUA Provident Financial - 'Vanquis Bank adapted well to Covid-19...Customer spending has contracted... but take-up of payment holidays has been modest'

Bank holidays are nice, but wait until you try days off after working bank holidays

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The increase in deaths announced on Monday is the second-lowest 24-hour increase since March, and while coronavirus deaths and cases are declining, there is often a lag in the figures reported at the weekends and on bank holidays

One of the loveliest bank holidays I’ve had in ages.. actually. This summer is already starting to feel like those when you were a teenager- that blissfully seemed to go on for years. Spent tipsy, listening to music…

Bank Holiday mood 🏖 The #LooseWomen  have been talking about the holidays they'd love to go on when lockdown is over. Where would YOU like to go? Watch 👉

One day bank holidays will return to my version of normal, oh how I miss harassing ice cream folk in my local park 🌈💚x #StayHomeStaySafe 

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Hi, The Congestion doesn't apply on Bank Holidays and so, is not in force today. Thanks, Tariq

In what fresh new way will the government decide to gaslight the UK today. Ah, Bank Holidays.

Should there be more bank holidays to help the tourist industry get back on its feet after lockdown? Country Focus discusses this and more on @BBCRadioWales  at 0700.

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Happy #StGeorgesDay  to everyone celebrating in England and across the world. We'll make today one of four new bank holidays for the whole of the UK. Workers deserve a break and a chance to celebrate our country’s traditions of fairness and social justice.

There are calls to give British workers another four bank holidays to bring the country in line with the European average

Bank holidays are an opportunity to relax and spend time with family and friends. The next Labour government will introduce four more, bringing us up to the average for the world’s biggest economies, to give British workers a well deserved break.

What's better than a bank holiday? Four extra bank holidays a year! In government, we'll make it happen ?

Labour will give workers a well-earned break and bring our four nations together with four new bank holidays. #GE2017 

With Labour, you’ll get four extra bank holidays to spend time with friends and family. #VoteLabour 

Jeremy Corbyn has proposed four new UK-widebank holidays saying "the next Labour government will give workers the break they deserve"

We think bank holidays are brilliant. That’s why we want to introduce four new ones. RT if you’re with us ↓ #BankHolidayMonday 

Here's a poem I wrote about why we shouldn't all have Bank Holidays at the same time...

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Used to be religious holidays (holy day) and now they're "bank" holidays- when did the banks become God? #fishy  #revolution