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In 2019 we awarded Bambang Hero Saharjo the #MaddoxPrize  for his work testifying to the sources of destructive palm oil fires. Nominations for this years prize open on 9 March.…

We awarded the 2019 #MaddoxPrize  to Bambang Hero Saharjo – a forest fire expert working to hold those responsible for Indonesian forest fires accountable.

The winner of the 2019 #MaddoxPrize  Bambang Hero Saharjo'>Prof Bambang Hero Saharjo exemplifies all the qualities of the prize and more. As the foremost expert of forest fires in Indonesia, he testifies against private companies who are responsible for illegal forest fires in Indonesia.

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Despite the threats and harassments, Bambang Hero Saharjo chose to speak the truth about the companies responsible for Indonesia’s fires. “I should be part of the solution, not part of the problem.”

Bambang Hero Saharjo, winner of the 2019 #MaddoxPrize , talks to @whippletom  about the hostility he's faced and how winning the prize has empowered him to keep fighting against corporations and illegal land clearance in Indonesia (£)

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The winners of this year’s #MaddoxPrize  , Bambang Hero Saharjo and Olivier Bernard, are an example to all of us of what can be achieved by one person, speaking up against misinformation and corruption.

“His work serves not only to bring justice in individual cases, but has inspired a vision of what is possible in Indonesia,” says @_JPhelps  of Bambang Hero Saharjo, winner of the 2019 @nature  & @senseaboutsci  John Maddox prize.

"I thought I was working alone until I heard about this prize." - Bambang Hero Saharjo, winner of the 2019 #MaddoxPrize 

Adam Levy@nature  talks to 2019 John Maddox Prize winner Bambang Hero Saharjo and Olivier Bernard, the Canadian pharmacist whose campaign against vitamin C injections for cancer patients earned him the early career stage prize