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The safe cities are:

Atlanta GA
Austin TX
Baltimore MD
Chicago IL
Columbus OH
Dane County WI
Oakland/Alameda County CA
Prince George's County MD
Sacramento CA
San Antonio TX
Santa Ana CA
UPDATE: A spokesman for the Baltimore City Fire Dept has confirmed the source of the odor was a pumpkin spice air freshener
Peace signs in Baltimore last night. Thank you for having us. Hope you enjoyed the show. All the love
Uh, people maybe should be talking about this more.

Baltimore cop says, under oath, officers were instructed to keep a toy gun handy in their cars "to plant if they found themselves in a jam."
Since Charlottesville 11 people killed and 40 wounded in Chicago, 5 killed in Baltimore, but at least the left can argue over statues
He was a 15-yr-old Baltimore kid at the 2000 Olympics. Now, all these years later, he retires with 23 golds.

Baltimore Police Department is currently on trial for keeping toy guns to plant just in case they shot an unarmed person:
$100,000 taken from a safe. Garbage bags full of stolen prescription drugs dumped on the black market. A motorist robbed of $25,000. The crimes were not carried out by normal criminals, but by Baltimore police officers.
5pm on eve of Thanksgiving: Baltimore Police announce detective killed last week was shot with his own gun and was preparing to testify against colleagues
Hospital security guards in Baltimore wheeled a patient to a bus stop and, in the subfreezing temperatures, left her there in nothing but a hospital gown

@jeffpeguescbs reports on “patient dumping”
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