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Since Charlottesville 11 people killed and 40 wounded in Chicago, 5 killed in Baltimore, but at least the left can argue over statues
Peace signs in Baltimore last night. Thank you for having us. Hope you enjoyed the show. All the love
He was a 15-yr-old Baltimore kid at the 2000 Olympics. Now, all these years later, he retires with 23 golds.

YET ANOTHER video of Baltimore police officers planting evidence at a crime scene has surfaced
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This Baltimore police officer planted drugs on a crime scene.

He just didn't realize his body camera was recording him while he did so.
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To my brothers in Baltimore if you really want to make racists feel bad let's stop killing each other - more effective than removing statues
Baltimore Pigeons Shocked To Find Beloved Shitting Statues Gone
A homeless man was stabbed to death with a sword in New York City by an army veteran from Baltimore.

Police are calling it a hate crime.
Breaking News: Baltimore quietly took down Confederate statues overnight
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